The Car Box


A Car Box that lives in the boot.  So we can get out and about as a family and enjoy amazing adventures at whim. Possible items to include: The Car Box Sturdy box, basket, soft-sided box or sturdy bag: to store everything Batteries: a few different sizes is a good idea Trailer tarp: for picnic rug, […]

Minus Change Table: Still Changing Nappies

Change Mat

There was a transition time from when I felt it was time to take the change table from the nursery but still had nappies to deal with.   I decided to remove the change table and purchased a special bear mat.  It has become the change mat, otherwise known as ‘the bear’.  When it’s time to change my son’s nappy […]

Pretty Things


I love pretty things.  I love having three daughters.  For many years, I’ve struggled to manage these two loves combined.  One: It can be an expensive business.  Two: I’ve struggled to find a system that works for me and leaves all the girls happy. Ah, but no more; I’ve found a solution; I’ve found another love: Pretty Things […]

The Bottom Shelf

the bottom shelf

I like to teach my children independence.  When I was organising my kitchen earlier this year, I placed all the plastic bowls, plates and cups in the bottom shelf.  This provides them with the opportunity to help me care for them: setting the table, pouring a drink of water, biscuits in snack cups and toast for breakfast.  My toddler loves […]

Don’t Pull The Plug


Does your toddler pull the plug at bath-time?  Or does the plug often go missing like ours?  Did you know a milk bottle lid is a leak free fit for most plug holes?  The lid is much harder to pull out than a regular plug and if your family goes through as much milk as we do, you will have plenty […]

Collage Canvas Wall Decoration


Need to decorate the walls of your child’s bedroom?  I made this cute canvas that hangs in my daughter’s bedroom. This is what you need: Canvas String (for long hair) Wooden blocks (for skirt) Textured paper (for bodice) Glue on Jewels (for crown/tiara) Pipe cleaners (for arms, legs and neck) Mirror Shape (for face) Paint […]