Brambly Hedge Mouse House

Brambley Hedge Illustration

When her twin boys are tucked up in bed, Maddie Brindley (Mads) creates magical, miniature worlds that have to be seen to be believed. She’s made a Hobbit Hole, based on the book and film – The Hobbit – where every finely crafted detail is true to the story and will leave you marvelling at this mum’s talent. Mads has also made an incredible miniature Gingerbread House, reminiscent of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, which is currently for sale … [Read more...]

Nature Inspired Playgrounds

Nature inspired playground

Playgrounds in Australia tend to have similar look about them. Plastic slides painted in primary colours, a springy toy that often doesn’t spring, and a token swing set in a sea of chip bark. I remember this one playground at Warwick we discovered as a family on one of our road trips, and it was so refreshingly different because it was an older playground and had play equipment the kids hadn't seen before. An old fashioned … [Read more...]

DIY Lego Play Table

DIY Lego Play Table

My friend Belinda from BAC Photography told me about her Lego table project she did with her boys. The process is really very simple and achievable and such a fabulous way to facilitate Lego play. She's sharing how she put it together below. The Lego City Project My twin boys have always loved building blocks! It started on their first birthday when they received a Mega Blocks truck that came with some bricks. The novelty of pushing … [Read more...]

DIY Skateboard Shelf

DIY Skateboard Shelf

I was at my sister's on the weekend and this is a little idea worth sharing. You can pick up small retro-like skateboards from places like Kmart, Target, Toys R Us and BIG W from about $15 (like this Avigo one).   They can often be found in second hand stores for cheap too. These skateboards make for cute shelfs for knick knacks in a child's bedroom. Materials Small Plastic Skateboard 2 Angle (or L) Brackets - found in the … [Read more...]

A Boot Doll House

mouse and son.jpg

How absolutely gorgeous is this Boot Doll House!  Marina (aka Vintage Jane) who lives in England shared this gorgeous project on her blog, and I contacted her because I fell in love with it and wanted to share with you all! This boot house was made for special little boy.   "He wanted a boy’s house.  And so, just before Christmas, Grandma (the Interior Designer) and Grandpa (the Builder) built and decorated a very special … [Read more...]

Cubby Under the Stairs

Under stairs cubby house - convert the space into a cosy area for kids to play

I love hearing about how families create dedicated areas for play. Jess sent me this picture of a cubby she created under the stairs for her two daughters, aged 3 and 2 years old.  If you have an under stairs storage area, Jess shares tips on how she converted this area into a special space for her kids to play. Cubby Under the Stairs Step 1: Clean Out Find a new home for all the hings we stored under there: living in a townhouse the … [Read more...]

Funky Tape Floors

tape floors

I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney yesterday with Chelsea from Moments A Day.  My favourite exhibit was Jim Lambie's Zopob Room lined with coloured vinyl tape. I snapped a few pics with my iPhone. How fun would it be for a play room?!  Realistically, I wondered how it would hold up with wear. It appeared the tape was covered in varnish and the finish was gorgeous! This room reminded me of the ways I use … [Read more...]

Feature Home: A Wall Bookcase

amazing library

It's one of those places where you walk in the door and feel instantly relaxed. The house radiates such warmth and grace! Josh and Bonnie have been renovating their riverfront 1930 Queensland workers cottage -- slowly -- during the last 10 years.  A few years ago, I featured their completed country-retro kitchen, and now I want to share with you a new space in this wonderful home: the lounge room complete with a floor-to-ceiling wall … [Read more...]

Moving to Italy

campervaning around italy

Things that matter and following your heart is what stands out to me in this interview with Lisa from Renovating Italy. Just a bit of background for you. Meet Sam and Lisa. Lisa is an Aussie who grew up in Melbourne. Salvatore (who everyone calls Sam) also grew up in Melbourne to Italian parents. They met while studying photography. After spending 2 years renovating a house in Italy, Sam and Lisa knew Italy was in their heart.  They are now … [Read more...]

Feature Home: Freedom – Living in a Bus

Living in a bus

The lovely Georgia from Documenting Delight agreed to visit the blog to tell me all about living in a bus!  I stumbled upon Georgia's blog and was immediately enchanted by the captivating photographs and the spirit behind the words. I'm so glad to have you here Georgia; thank you for sharing your story with me. Freedom - Living in a Bus "We  were able to really cement what was important to us and grow our confidence as parents together … [Read more...]

Feature Home: Living on a Christmas Tree Farm

killiecrankie farm -- live Christmas Trees

It must be magical (and busy) this time of year on a real Christmas Tree farm. To find out more, I'm thrilled to welcome Lee to the blog. Lee, her husband and 2 children live in Tasmania, where they run the Killiecrankie Christmas Tree Farm. One thing that strikes me about Lee, is the contagious connection she exhibits between living, loving and working. It's inspiring! 1. What made you take the leap to move from the city to farm living in … [Read more...]

Feature Home: Second Hand Decorating for the Home

decorating with second hand pieces

I have  just met Ruth Dean and I already like her.  Ruth runs a B & B on a river in Tasmania and is featured in the gorgeously happy September issue of Country Style Magazine. She's a chef, mum of three and second hand shopping expert!  I'm chatting to Ruth today about the secrets to second hand decorating in the home and what it's like to run a B & B. Ruth, your B & B is officially on my to-visit list. What are some of the values … [Read more...]

Feature Home: A Sea Change

peek inside miss haidee studio

I was struck by an article in July 2011 issue of the Country Style Magazine. It was about a Mum, a Sea Change and Vintage Fabric. Okay, so that got my attention. I invited this Vintage-Sea-Change-Mum to share a little with me over here at Be A Fun Mum. Welcome Haidee, aka founder of Miss Haidee clothing line. Haidee, her husband Ben and their children, Millie and Tommy, recently made the move from Bryon Bay to the Tasmania coast. Ben manages the … [Read more...]

Feature Home: A Room for Everyone

storing children's artwork

Today, I'm thrilled to welcome Rachael to Be A Fun Mum. I came across Rachael online (she used to have a blog called A Room for Everyone), when I was researching about storing children's artwork.  I was immediately struck by her home because it looked like definition of family. It's organised while still retaining loads of character and creative potential.  It's bright and inviting, … [Read more...]