Not a Material Girl


I love pretty things. I like happy things. Pretty and happy things like this necklace from Diva ($19.95). It’s like wearing a little happiness around my neck.  When I go in the sun, the light catches on the sequence and sprays like bursts of joy. I like matching things.  I like dots and and the colour […]

Hair Up, No Hairband

hair up no hair band

I often need to put my hair up but, alas, I  haven’t a hairband.  Here is a video tutorial of how you can put your hair up with no hairband. This will only work if your hair is long.

Easy Elegant Hair-Do

Here is another very simple and elegant hair-do you may like to try. Tutorial Instruction 1. Pull hair back into a high pony tail. 2. Twist hair round into a bun. 3. Wrap a hair band around bun to secure. 4. Pull out bun from head to loosen. 5. Part hair in middle. 6. Twist […]

Elegant Christmas Hair-Do


I do this hair style all the time.  It only takes a few minutes and looks elegant. Video Tutoral   Instructions 1.  Part hair to one side and pull back into a pony tail (middle of your head). 2.  Twist hair up towards your forhead. 3.  Create a bun by looping your hair. 4. Tuck […]

Easy Smokey Eye Makeup

smokey eye makeup tutorial

I love the look of the smokey eye, and this is a tutorial of one of the ways I achieve this look. Video Tutorial Make-up Face – YoungBlood Natural Mineral Foundation Lid – Covergirl Quad Stormy Lites – Cloudburst Over Liner – Covergirl Quad Stormy Lites – Night Sky Eye Crease – Covergirl Quad Stormy […]