Funny Face Biscuits

Basic Biscuit Recipe - great for decorating funny faces

This is one of my favourite recipes that my children and I have fun cooking & decorating together. If I want the faces to look perfect, I’ll do them myself but most of the fun comes in seeing what the kids themselves create. They also make a great (& inexpensive) party favour for little ones, […]

Play Baking: An Experiment

play baking

Guest Post by Nicole Grant from Gateway Therapies Play Baking: An Experiment “Let’s do science!” says my 6-year-old Preppie, who had been recently introduced to this subject area at school. I kind of groaned. After a messy morning, which included sandy feet from a trip to the beachside park, a putty incident, and toast, I […]

Finding the line: Ensure Safety | Allow Experimentation


Guest Post from Nicole from Gateway Therapies Is that such a good idea? I was recently watching my girls, aged 3 and 4, play in a designated area at the local shopping centre. On an elevated patch, slightly away from the road and the thoroughfare of the restaurants, this area had two pieces of play […]

iReview: iPad

ipad games review

iReview: iPad — Post by Nicole Grant I knew I needed an iPad as soon as I saw them. I am not usually one to embrace new technology so quickly, however these were exceptional circumstances. This device was like my much-loved iPhone. But bigger! Little did I realise how much a part of our every […]

A Monster Problem: Children and Anxiety

anxiety in children -- is anxiety normal or healthy?

Guest post by Nicole from Gateway Therapies DISCLAIMER: The following post is entirely the thoughts and opinion of the author. Any surveys or interviews have been conducted independently and are not linked to any other research being undertaken by the author. The responses from the survey participants have been de-identified for protection of privacy. A […]

Communication in children: From 3 – 4 years

communication in children aged 3 to 4 years of age

Guest Post — Julie Miller (Speech Pathologist) from The Useful Box Communication in children: From 3 – 4 years In my last post, I wrote about the development of communication between 2 and 3 years of age. From 2-3 years is a time of rapid growth in communication skills. Expectations of communication at age 3 are […]

Communication in Children 2 to 3 years

Communication in Children 2 to 3 years

I feel privileged to have Julie Miller guest posting for me today. Julie shares her expertise in the field of speech pathology with us in an age related series about communication in children. Communication in children: From 2 – 3 years From 2 years of age, our toddlers are becoming much more verbal. Until 18-24 months, much of a toddlers’ communication […]

Children and Coping with Transitions

coping with transitions children

Guest Post by Nicole Grant With some major natural disasters and political events occurring in Australia and around the world recently, there has been much discussion about how kids learn to process and cope with major change. As parents, we generally understand that children will need help to adjust to change and disruption to their […]

Different Learning Styles in Children

Different Learning Styles in children Multiple Intelligences

I have three children.  2 girls (Butternut 11, Baby Blue 7) and 1 boy (Japp 10).  I’m astounded at the differences between them all.  I guess I shouldn’t be, because of course they’re different … but I am!  The girls I understand.  I come from a family of 4 girls and so it feels very natural […]

Kids Safety Using Knives

kids safely using knives

Guest post by Colin Wee I formerly ran a Montessori playgroup where you’d see lovely flower vases, ceramic plates, and glassware laid out for the children’s morning tea. Children learn to move around a table setting more typically seen at an adults sit down affair. Our mindset is that children can be taught to enjoy […]

Why Is There So Much Rain Mum?

Typical Walker Circulation Pattern Weather

Guest Post by Matthew Burstow I can remember a time, only around 5 years ago, when the site of rain and the sound of a storm would invoke such wonder in my young children.  At that time, Australia was in the middle of one of the worst droughts on record, and the number of times […]

Communication in Children: 12 months to 24 months

communication 12  to 24 months

Guest post by Speech Pathologist, Julie Miller Babies change enormously and learn many new skills between 12 and 24 months. Communication, particularly verbal communication (talking), develops rapidly from 12 months onwards. Many babies progress from humble beginnings (an average of 3 single words at 12 months), to becoming little chatterboxes by age 2 (an average […]

Approaching a Teacher with a Problem

Bonnie Olyslagers

Have you had to approach a teacher about a problem you can see with your child? Has your stomach been full of butterflies as you try and sort out in your mind what you want to say? This has happened to me. I am a teacher myself but I was unhappy with the way things […]