Help Me!

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I didn’t choose to have children with special needs. Out of my four children, two are average kids, growing and learning.  The other two face challenges which inhibit many areas of normal development.   Each of my children are different and I endeavour and meet them where they’re at. Below you will find my seven greatest challenges in parenting children with special […]


nicole grant guest post

Handwriting by Nicole Grant from Gateway Therapies With the increased use of electronic communication devices by children from a very young age, there are less opportunities to practice the age old art of handwriting. Rather than draw and colour, children are preferring to play video games and scroll through music on their iPods. School age […]

Band-aid Rules

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Intrigued? Yes, I have band-aid rules.  I’d have no energy if I was to panic every time one of my children fell over. I tend to say, “Up-a-day; you’re alright.” Or to my older children, “Get over it.”  My children are not wimps so I know when they’ve really hurt themselves (well mostly).  My eldest daughter […]

Go Catch a Chicken!

catch a chicken

Sometimes, I’ve just had enough!  When the children are hovering around my feet and I need space to breathe I say, ‘Go catch a chicken!’  My children know this means they need to go and find something to do.   It’s great to make up family sayings.  Saying, ‘Go find something to do,’ doesn’t sounds half as inspiring as, ‘Go […]

Parenting: Shading

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I don’t have a physiology degree nor am I an expert in childhood education; however, I was blessed with a beautiful example of child raising by my parents and have been around children all my life.  This has led me to develop my own style of parenting (as we all do), encompassing my past experiences, what I’ve read and my foundation in faith. Positive parenting […]

What is Love?

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I’m not into Valentine’s Day (a quality my husband really loves, hehe).  However, it’s prompted me to ask this questions: what is love? In my opinion, the media has done love no favours.  In fact, I would go as far to say the concept of love has been butchered.  The media often promotes the love ‘highs’ […]

Moving House With Kids

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Yep, first post in the new place is about, wait for it… moving.  I may even be an expert in this area.  (Have to be good at something right?)  This is my 9th move in the last 10 years so I’m going to tell you my tips for moving with children in tow. Before you […]

Raising Girls: Three Words, Three Squeezes


I LOVE YOU. These three words have amazing power.  Girls (and boys) need to hear the three magic words over and over again.    When I have the opportunity to hold my daughter’s hand we do something special; something secret; something just for us: three squeezes.   Three squeezes represent these words: I love you.   It’s a fun way to to tell your daughter […]

Be A Fab Dad

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Dads bring a different and fresh approach to parenting.  The father of my children is a Fab Dad.  He often runs around the house chasing the children with his shirt over his head…. the kids love it!  He is spontaneous, silly and fun. Many Sunday afternoons, FabDad drives the children out to the airport to watch the planes from his […]

Bored Children = Ten Jobs


I’m NEVER bored.  Sometimes I wonder if my nature predisposed me to be this way or I am the product of how I was raised.  Probably a bit of both. When I was growing up, if I ever mentioned the word “bored” to my Mother, I was given ten jobs to do.  My Mother would say, “Ten jobs! Now, you won’t be […]

Chronic Multi-tasker Woman vs One-task-at-a-time Man


VS I’m a chronic muli-tasker. Seriously, I’m at my happiest when I have 100 different things going on at once. I am goal orientated and I juggle everything (and plough through anything in my way) to get to my goal. On the other hand, I happened to be married to a task oriented, one-task-at-a-time man. This […]



My house can go from looking neat and tidy to chaos in just half an hour!  It’s often just surface mess and I can get everyone motivated to clean by putting on some fun music and running around saying, “YOU CAN DO IT!”  I help out for the first few minutes and I keep repeating, […]

Keeping Them Busy: Children Under Two

Baby play

by Louisa from Everything is Edible You sit on the floor with your 7 month old and roll a ball toward her. She giggles with delight and then, fumbling around, rolls it back to you. You hand a bowl of ice to your 11 month old and he touches it, tastes it and squeals with […]