Adult Lunch Box

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

This year, I started making lunches for the husband. I haven’t made lunches for my husband before so it’s a new thing for me. In the past, depending on where he was working, often lunch has been provided for him. It’s easy since I’m already making lunches for the kids, and I just adapt them slightly (usually with […]

Importance of Freedom in play

the importance of play

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Omo We’ve recently come back from four glorious days of camping. I always feel good about camping as a family. I enjoy watching the kids run around on the grass with bare feet, playing in the dirt with toy cars, exploring creeks and cooking damper over an open fire with […]

Amazing Itty Bitty Drawings

mini drawings by Brooke Rothshank

Brooke Rothshank – a mother and artist Artist Brooke Rothshank has found an ingenuous way to juggle mothering her three young children with pursuing her creative passions. If you ever feel like you can’t find the time to do the things you love, this may just be the inspiration and practical advice you’ve been looking […]

How I Organise Everything to do with School Life

How I organise kids for school

My youngest child started school four years ago so I’m well and truly into this new stage of parenting. I remember when my four children were all little, and I dreamt of a time when they would all be able to pee in the toilet by themselves, AND I would be able pee in the toilet by […]

Routine Cards – Morning and Afternoon

School Routine Card - morning and afternoon

When it comes to starting school again for a new year, I like to establish routine systems for my children in the morning and afternoon. The advantage of doing this is making getting ready habitual so the children can take in all the wonderful things they will learn at school, plus it helps with the harmony […]

How to Contact School Books

How to cover school books with contact

When it comes to covering school books, there are a few ways to do it. Contact My contact experience isn’t always positive, however I have gotten better at it over the years. The secret is to work on a very flat surface and work in sections. After cutting the paper with backing attached (as per […]

How School Shoes Have Lasted Over a Year

School Shoes - How they Last

I’ve tried many different school shoes for my children over the years and from my experience, I’ve come to this realisation: $ Cheap Shoes ($10-$40) These have never lasted long for my kids. Maybe a month or so, and so it doesn’t tend to be cost effective in the long run. However, in saying that, […]

5 Things I’m Glad I Did When My Kids Were Little

5 Things I'm Glad I Did When My Kids Were Little

I’ve hit a nostalgic patch, and I find myself hunting through pictures when my children were small. My youngest is now 8, and my eldest is 14.  Gone, gone are the weary long days of nappy changing, feeding round the clock, and cleaning up pee from the floor.  As I look back, there are certain simple […]

Finding the Right Key

Pencil Fence / Pencil Gate - Gorgeous Garden

I said something to one of my daughters. It was only a few lines but those words opened up a new line of conversation for us. It started with my intuition. I sensed there was something going on behind the shining eyes I see every day. Perhaps a build up of things not spoken about, […]

Let Them Play

Let them play - the importance of allowing children to play

by Nicole Grant Gateway Therapies Parenting: It’s Kids Play! Much-loved and well-respected child development and parenting expert Maggie Dent recently published an eBook of advice from experts and parents on important things parents should know about raising pre-school aged children. The eBook “Tips from the Professionals for Parents of Pre-Schoolers” was inspired by a Facebook […]

Don’t Rush Things That Need Time to Grow


  I read a conversation thread with interest.  The question posed was one of parents taking children to a cafe (and their noise disturbing other patrons).  The person who posed the question was not a parent, and although not antagonistic in regards to parents in general, was rather annoyed that the allocated time to work in […]

I see you

Mother crossing road sign

I eased my foot on the brake as I saw the figures waiting on the side of the road near the pedestrian crossing. It took a little while before for the persons in question made a start on the zebra lines. I waited. A mother held an infant of about 6 months old; a small […]