Let Them Play

Let them play - the importance of allowing children to play

by Nicole Grant Gateway Therapies Parenting: It’s Kids Play! Much-loved and well-respected child development and parenting expert Maggie Dent recently published an eBook of advice from experts and parents on important things parents should know about raising pre-school aged children. The eBook “Tips from the Professionals for Parents of Pre-Schoolers” was inspired by a Facebook […]

Drawing and Development

Drawing and Development in Children

Guest post from Nicole from Gateway Therapies I once wrote a post here on handwriting, where I explained the elements of handwriting and how to help your kids get better at it. Four years later I still maintain that handwriting is terribly important, and it’s probably time we explored an essential prerequisite. Most toddlers love […]

Teach a Child to Remember Their Phone Number

Teaching a child to remember their phone number - tips from an Occupational Therapist

The average person can store up to seven digits (numbers) in their short-term memory. I remembered this fact when my 6-year-old came home from school with a note advising that she was required to learn and recall her personal details, including her phone number. This was all part of a safety unit the class was undertaking. In […]

Family Internet Safety

family internet safety

Internet safety is an increasing concern of mine as the children get older so I have Justin, a data network and security expert, here with 5 tips to keep your family safe while enjoying the benefits of the internet. The Internet has certainly permeated every facet of our lives, changing how we shop, socialise, research and […]

Allergy Friendly Home Tips

How to dust mite proof a bed

Brought to you by Bupa and Nuffnang (S1) 20% of Australians have an allergic condition such as asthma, hay fever or eczema1. My daughter is one of them. She suffers from eczema (you can see how extensive it is, especially on her neck, when it is at its worst).  Through years of investigation and tests, we discovered […]

Health & Fitness: Falling off the Wagon During PMS

Weight Watchers_Hamper_whiteback[2]

Health and fitness is important to me but it’s a challenge to prioritise amongst the pressures and busyness of parenting.  Fitting it all in is less about time management and more of a journey for me, and I’ve written about this in the posts below. 1. The first step was to make the conscious decision […]

Finding the line: Ensure Safety | Allow Experimentation


Guest Post from Nicole from Gateway Therapies Is that such a good idea? I was recently watching my girls, aged 3 and 4, play in a designated area at the local shopping centre. On an elevated patch, slightly away from the road and the thoroughfare of the restaurants, this area had two pieces of play […]

Back to School: School Shoes

interview with Lindy Klim. Pictured with children, Stella and Rocco

I trust feedback from mums more than information on promotional packs, so before I purchased school shoes for my kids, I asked about it on my facebook page. The name Clarks popped up time and time again as being a shoe that is high quality and lasts the entire year (even longer). With school just […]

iReview: iPad

ipad games review

iReview: iPad — Post by Nicole Grant I knew I needed an iPad as soon as I saw them. I am not usually one to embrace new technology so quickly, however these were exceptional circumstances. This device was like my much-loved iPhone. But bigger! Little did I realise how much a part of our every […]

Interview: The Wiggles — Wiggle Around Australia

Kids Road Safety -- Interview with the wiggles

In July, our family went on our first road trip, covering over 3,400 km (to see a map of our trip, click here).  Best family holiday we have had yet! The beauty of Australia struck me as we travelled.  It’s so very beautiful: rugged, majestic, vast, tropical, mountainous, lush, dry and everything in-between.  I want […]

A Monster Problem: Children and Anxiety

anxiety in children -- is anxiety normal or healthy?

Guest post by Nicole from Gateway Therapies DISCLAIMER: The following post is entirely the thoughts and opinion of the author. Any surveys or interviews have been conducted independently and are not linked to any other research being undertaken by the author. The responses from the survey participants have been de-identified for protection of privacy. A […]

Communication in children: From 3 – 4 years

communication in children aged 3 to 4 years of age

Guest Post — Julie Miller (Speech Pathologist) from The Useful Box Communication in children: From 3 – 4 years In my last post, I wrote about the development of communication between 2 and 3 years of age. From 2-3 years is a time of rapid growth in communication skills. Expectations of communication at age 3 are […]

What’s the Use of Drama?

the importance of drama for children christmas play

Guest Post by Susan Stephenson I used to teach drama in my regular classroom. I also taught a drama class outside school hours to kids 7 – 15.  I believe drama lessons and drama activities have so much to offer children. In NSW, drama is part of the Creative Arts syllabus. It might be called  […]