Connecting With My Teen (Through Books)

connecting with my teen

In moments of waiting, you'll often find me with a book.  This is a recent thing. I like it. I love reading novels, but over the past...8 years or so...I haven't made time for it.  There are three main reasons for this: it's rare to have long chunks of quiet moments to digest a good book (the way I like to read); I find myself too tired at night; and reading articles on my phone is an easy and assessable distraction. But I am … [Read more...]

A small act of kindness is like a soft breeze

a small act of kindness is like a soft breeze on a hot day

This is a section of a diary entry I posted to Facebook a few months ago. This year has been full on for me and I've had to be intentional about looking for joy. Some days more than others.  I'm posting this little snippet of time here because I like to look back: to read, and remember. I like to remind myself about these little moments that have a redeeming quality about them. 8 May 2014: I feel weary tonight and am finding myself … [Read more...]

Domestic Disasters

Domestic Disasters

Just in case you were wondering what happens when you use regular dishwashing liquid in the dishwasher: This.   This is just one example of my many domestic disasters. Yeah, won't be doing that again when I run out of tablets. What WAS I thinking?! Not my brightest moment. I've burnt tea towels, mistook cornflour for icing sugar, used bleach on a lamanex sink counter (which turns it yellow) and then there was this … [Read more...]

The Robot, The Superhero & The Person


I had an enlightening conversation with my eldest child. It gave me a small insight into the parent/child relationship through the different stages. I've talked about parenting stages before, because it's important for me to know where I'm at in the journey so I can adjust my expectations accordingly. It was a Friday night and I felt weary at the end of a school week.  One of the kids had a sporting event on in the evening, so the kids and … [Read more...]

I Don’t Think the School Holidays Went Well…

under an umbrella

In the main, I enjoy the school holidays with the kids, but I'm relieved school is back. The holidays didn't go as I planned.  I like to organise a lot of day trips and outings; I like to make the time intentional, even if we don't go away for a proper family holiday. Now that the kids are back at school, I took a breath and the thought ran through my mind: I don't think the school holidays went well. I'm a high achiever.  I like to … [Read more...]

Disney and Pixar are Raising my Kids!

Pixar Alphabet by Mike Boon

Guest Post by Occupational Therapist, Nicole Grant Disney and Pixar are raising my kids, and I'm OK with that. My two children are pretty big fans of animated movies. Like most 5 and 6 year olds, they've more recently been waving their arms dramatically in the air, conjuring castles and sun-loving snowmen. There's been a lot of press lately about screen time, and while I am a huge advocate for 'green time', I am still quite OK with planting my … [Read more...]

When They Grow Up in a Second

when the kids grow up before your eyes

Do you know those times when you look at your child and it's like somehow they change into a grown-up version of themselves in an instant before your eyes? That.    From my vantage point on the sand on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I watched my son march up to me with purpose.  I gasped internally as he came closer because in those seconds, I got a glimpse the man he will become one day.  My son is my youngest child … [Read more...]

I’m a Tree; She’s a Bird

I'm a tree; She's a bird - motherhood

"I feel scared about facing this week," I said to my husband yesterday. That sounds rather pathetic, especially when I write it down like that.  But it's true! I have this fear, anxiety you might call it.  Matt is away, which isn't unusual, but I am feeling so weary at the end of this school term. The kids are weary too, so right now, it's like the wheels are coming out from underneath me and ahead I picture myself with gravel rash on … [Read more...]

Hello Robot-Mode.

5:30am - Alarm I don't even beg the morning for more sleep. Swing my legs. Sit up. Walk to the stove top. Heat water for tea. Make lunches for school. "Good morning." "Hello love." "How did you sleep?" Hug the one that needs a lot of hugs. "Eat breakfast." "Get ready for school." "Yes, you have sport today." "Formal uniform for you, yes." "Is this enough lunch for you today?" "You can't play until you … [Read more...]

Making Big Dreams Happen (on a small scale)


It's a story of a woman who made a dream happen but she did it on a small scale. I love that: it's something I aim to foster in my own life, especially amongst family life because it's easy to let go of dreams in the busyness instead of looking for opportunities to weave them into life in a sustainable way. This: Image credit: New York Times This story is about Sandra Foster.  She transformed a hunting cabin into the romantic Victorian … [Read more...]

The Case of the Broken Keyring

key ring letters

I left home just before 7pm, I didn't start shopping until 8pm and the shops closed at 9pm.  I live 10 minutes from the supermarket by the way. I was hoping to get a good couple of hours to do Christmas shopping for the kids.  First hurdle was finding a park.  A matter of luck really: drive past someone who happened to be leaving.  After about 50 near misses, I scored a park. I did a little happy jig in my car seat. Power-walking myself to the … [Read more...]

Pine Cones & A Lego Helicopter

collecting pine cones

I didn't realise he had bought his latest Lego creation with him.  If I had, I most likely would have told him to leave it at home.  Our mission this particular morning, was to collect pine cones for a few projects I had planned.  I love doing this sort of thing with my kids; 10 minutes emerged in nature is wonderfully grounding.  I watched him race off to collect fallen cones with his helicopter.  Seeing how engaged he was in the joy of it all … [Read more...]

It’s Loud Here

brisbane river

"It's loud here." It was an interesting comment, I thought, and it intrigued me.  My daughter and I were sitting along the river amongst acres of beautiful parklands. There was a window of time of about half an hour between appointments and we wasted it here. Trees towered around us in every direction, and while busy, I would describe it as a peaceful, tranquil place, not a loud one. Wanting to tap into her senses, I responded with a … [Read more...]

Best Birthday Week


I began the day at 5am with the sound of my alarm.  It was my birthday.  I woke a little earlier than my usual 6am start to finish writing a blog post before I enjoyed the day’s festivities.  I felt burdened to write about a girl I saw in India, and about the welfare of girls all around the world. My day evolved into a fabulous birthday. Utterly fabulous!  It was the beginning of a wonderful – unplanned and rather extraordinary -- birthday … [Read more...]