I’m a Tree; She’s a Bird

March 31, 2014

“I feel scared about facing this week,” I said to my husband yesterday. That sounds rather pathetic, especially when I write it down like that.  But it’s true! I have this fear, anxiety you might call it.  Matt is away, which isn’t unusual, but I am feeling so weary at the end of this school [...]

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Hello Robot-Mode.

March 6, 2014

5:30am – Alarm I don’t even beg the morning for more sleep. Swing my legs. Sit up. Walk to the stove top. Heat water for tea. Make lunches for school. “Good morning.” “Hello love.” “How did you sleep?” Hug the one that needs a lot of hugs. “Eat breakfast.” “Get ready for school.” “Yes, you [...]

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Making Big Dreams Happen (on a small scale)

January 25, 2014

It’s a story of a woman who made a dream happen but she did it on a small scale. I love that: it’s something I aim to foster in my own life, especially amongst family life because it’s easy to let go of dreams in the busyness instead of looking for opportunities to weave them [...]

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The Case of the Broken Keyring

December 21, 2013

I left home just before 7pm, I didn’t start shopping until 8pm and the shops closed at 9pm.  I live 10 minutes from the supermarket by the way. I was hoping to get a good couple of hours to do Christmas shopping for the kids.  First hurdle was finding a park.  A matter of luck [...]

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Pine Cones & A Lego Helicopter

November 20, 2013

I didn’t realise he had bought his latest Lego creation with him.  If I had, I most likely would have told him to leave it at home.  Our mission this particular morning, was to collect pine cones for a few projects I had planned.  I love doing this sort of thing with my kids; 10 [...]

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It’s Loud Here

November 14, 2013

“It’s loud here.” It was an interesting comment, I thought, and it intrigued me.  My daughter and I were sitting along the river amongst acres of beautiful parklands. There was a window of time of about half an hour between appointments and we wasted it here. Trees towered around us in every direction, and while [...]

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