Essential Oils to Get Started

Essential Oils

I love essential oils. Lavender is my favourite and I use it on my temples, a few drops in water for a foot spa, to scent linen and even for sweet smelling play dough.  Sara, illustrator and mum of four, is sharing simple ways to get started with 3 of her favourite essential oils. Feel free to […]

Garbage Day

Wheelie Bin

My heart sank when I heard the garbage truck come around the corner. I forgot to put the bin out last night. I raced out the back door, not stopping to close it, and around the side of the house, willing the truck to be slow. It wasn’t. I stood at the top of the […]

A Note on the Kitchen Bench


After the kids were all in bed, I noticed a note on the kitchen bench. Written in felt pen on scrap A4 paper was a message for my husband from my teen. On top of the note sat a watch. The message was a simple request asking for Dad to fix something.  In the morning, […]


Sparkler Birthday Card

Do you have a child with a birthday smack-bang in the middle of the festive season? Kids with birthdays over the December/January period can really feel like they’re missing out. I should know – my birthday is just 13 days after Christmas (first world problem I know, but bear with me!). Although it doesn’t worry […]

Don’t Buy Me Flowers

Pretty Flowers in mini mason jars

When I dated my husband (a long time ago), I said to him, “Don’t buy me flowers. They just die.”  How I have changed over the years! I used to see flowers for their end result: wilted, limp and lifeless.  I couldn’t enjoy their moment in the sun or see their true beauty because I was […]

Why I Cried Making Bread

Best bread roll recipe - Thermomix and non-Thermomix

I made pea and ham soup in the slow cooker today. It’s one of my favourites. This evening, I decided to make bread rolls to go with the soup.  My eldest daughter (almost 14) walked into the kitchen while I was pounding the elastic dough with my palms. Fold. Press down and roll. Fold. Press […]

Conversations in the Car

Apple Yoda

“Would you mind dropping me to work in the morning?” my husband asked before we went to sleep. We only have one car, you see, and he usually caught the bus, but it would be a public holiday. Kids would be home from school so a no-rush-morning would make it possible. “Sure, we can get […]

Sneaky Date at the Waterpark

Making time for each other

After a bit of blah week, my husband and I decided to go somewhere fun as a family. We googled an hour radius from our house and found heated pools with big watersides. Our kids adore the water so it was decided.  It was pretty drive, and after sunscreening the kids, they were in the […]

No Time for Fun

No time to be fun.

I’m sharing things that you don’t need to prepare for OR have extra time to do. I often come back to these things when I think “There’s no time to be fun!” and I incorporate these little things into my day intentionally. 1. Touch I put my hand on their head when they come stand […]

Don’t “I Promise”

I promise

Words. They have power. Power for good. Power to harm. Words matter.   Jotting down this post reminded me of something I wrote a couple of years ago about using words as concepts overtime.  Words like imagination, creativity, happiness, adventure and discovery are often central to how I communicate with my kids. I guess it’s […]

The Mother Who Wrangles the Wild, Wild Ones

The mother of the wild, wild ones

I walked about 20 or 30 metres behind her on the footpath. She had two boys close in age dangling off either side of her. It was almost a wrestle-while-walking. I saw her shrug them off with a touch of jest and a measure of if-these-children-don’t-stop-hanging-off-me-so-help-me. I recognised it.  You know when the kids are […]

11 Things I’m Learning About Parenting a Teen

11 Things I'm Learning About Parenting a Teen

I love parenting a teen! It’s great.  Next year I’ll have two. I was thinking about it, and within five years, all four of my kids will be teens at the same time (but not yet…not quite yet).  Things do change as they get older, and so my approach to parenting has to also. I’ve […]

Mothers I Noticed

Kicking Leaves in Autumn

Mothers I noticed today: At the shops today, a mamma walked passed me with a baby of about three months old propped in one arm. She raised the little clenched fist (you know how little bubbas do?) and kissed it. At school pick up I overheard a conversation between a mother-daughter duo. The little girl […]

Teach a Child to Remember Their Phone Number

Teaching a child to remember their phone number - tips from an Occupational Therapist

The average person can store up to seven digits (numbers) in their short-term memory. I remembered this fact when my 6-year-old came home from school with a note advising that she was required to learn and recall her personal details, including her phone number. This was all part of a safety unit the class was undertaking. In […]