An Education


Now 2016 has closed its doors, I’m recapping the three month running challenge I did during the year. In the weeks after I returned back from my trip to India with World Vision in July, endurance runner Samantha Gash started an epic Run India journey across the country to raise awareness for educational projects in India. I […]

An Iron

DHOBI GHAT Chennai India

There’s something satisfying about watching clothes sway as they dry in the sunshine. Same at home. Same in India. I walked past the rows of rainbow clothes and listened to the slap-slapping of wet cloth against concrete. Shirtless men soaked and flogged material against open-air concrete wash pens; one flashed a bright smile and waved when he noticed our […]

A Mural

School in Chennai - World Vision

Don’t underestimate the power of art as inspiration. This is something I learned when visiting several educational facilities in India. The head mistress of one government school of 255 students (grade 6-10) in Chennai said one of the best things to come out of World Vision partnership with the school is the bright murals that decorate the […]

A Person’s A Person

A person's a person, no matter how small

Recently I wrote about an inspiring group of women recent who are fighting for a better future for their children.  You can read more about their story here. World Vision’s work in this area helped this group of women break out of the cycle of debt, leading to financial independence. Another way World Vision assists in this […]

A Fight

IMG_4925 2

It was an honour to meet these courageous mothers who are fighting for a better future for their children. And it is a fight – FIGHT – for these women, with so many odds against them. I could feel beads of sweat forming on my skin in the heat of the day, and was glad I […]

A Cow

Milk society 

It was still light; the sky was deepening into dusk. Cow bellows interrupted the quiet vibe of village life; a few pushbikes lined the streets; spots of colourful saris painted the countryside. I like to watch their faces. It’s a good way for me to get a feel for what they are saying, even though I can’t understand the […]

A School Garden

Panchayat Union Primary School

“I love them. I just love them,” I said to Deb from Learn With Play at Home of the children as we left a primary school in the Pudukottai region in India. And I do. I think once you become a parent, you have this desire for the wellbeing of all children around the world and that is […]

Left Part of My Heart in India


I pulled out these scarves from the drawer today. I bought them from India 4 year ago when I went on a blog ambassador trip with World Vision to tell stories of the work there. I looked at the colours for a moment, and remembered the vibrance of India. Then I gleefully arranged the scarves on […]

All I Want for Christmas: Somewhere Safe to Play

The kids said they wanted somewhere place to stay. - Playground in Raipur

It’s around this festive period, when there is an abundance of joy and excitement, that I often think about places I’ve visited and the need there.  I want to tell you about a playground.  A colourful and happy playground in a group of dense slums in Raipur, the capital of the state Chhattisgarh, located in the […]

India: Lost in Delhi (it’s a long story)

scarfs from India

Picture this: The day started with me sitting behind the hotel reception desk, next to an embarrassed man.  He was embarrassed because I was crying.  You see, the remainder of the team had left the night before, and my flight was not until midnight the next day…so I was left alone in Delhi for an […]

The Power of a Paper Plate

World Vision in India

Another wonderful World Vision Project I visited in India. In this case, a woman’s self help group was established in the slums, and these women were taught how to make paper plates to sell. The women source and buy the paper, make the plates and sell in bundles. Quick Facts It takes approximately 8 seconds to […]

India: This is Lucky

meeting my sponsor child in India

It was a short walk.  Tight concrete homes lined each side of the dirt street.   The moment at the end of this walk, I would remember for the rest of my life, and I knew it.  It’s strange: the anticipation. Almost hard, because I didn’t want to place expectation on what was to come. I […]

India: This Post is in Colour

india colour

One of the things I love most about India is the colour. The colour, is fearless!  It’s intoxicating. It’s contagious. It’s wonderful!  I remember one day, as I went through my clean clothes to wear, pulling out a purple dress shirt, pink leggings, orange shoes and a red scarf for my head (see a pic […]

India: Power of Women Together


 Photo by Misho Baranovic The song spoke of courage, of determination, of overcoming.  Inspiring! I listened to the strange, rhythmic words coming from the elected woman in the village, from time to time looking out at the audience of women and children. The colours of their clothes  were vibrant, and I found myself studying the patterns and colour combinations. […]