India: Come Look at The Farm

organic farming village -- world vision project

I liked the smell of the air and the feel of the ground beneath my feet.  Inwardly, I sighed in relief; it felt good to be outside in the country air. The contrast from the slums I visited, only days before, staggered me, and I felt my heart lift.   Interestingly, many of the people who end up in […]

India: Missing


I flicked through my camera roll, searching for pictures of my kids. I miss them.  Internet over here is sporadic and only available in the hotel where we are staying so I haven’t had much contact with them. I did manage to Skype my girls the other night, briefly until the internet cut out. My […]

India: This post is in black and white


The car honked at the small child on the road ahead of us. She looked to be only about two. The driver swerved around her and I winched, my fists clenched on my knees. “I hate this. I hate this,” I said to myself. I said it out loud. As our car pulled up on […]

India: Look Up


It’s a habit of mine: looking up.  I sort of forget that I do it.  When I viewed  my photographs of India, I noticed many skyline pictures and it reminded me. Things become clear when you look up.  In front of the sky backdrop, shapes form and lines appear.  I love it. I think I would rather look up often and […]

India: Hands and Hearts

child journalists -- india -- world vision

India.  The air is heavy, smoggy and fragrant.  The noises are strange to my ears: the language is fast-paced and energetic; car horns sound constantly; I hear fire crackers to celebrate the Diwali light festival.  Brightly coloured clothes and flowers stand out in contrast to the grey sky.  The food is amazing: rich, scented, intricate.  India. I’ve been in India […]