Making the Most of Special Family Experiences

Whale Watching

Brought to you by Tourism & Events Queensland (S1 post) Making the Most of Special Family Experiences  I’ve discovered one of the best ways to engage my kids in learning is to make it about connection. There is something beautiful about natural curiosity and capitalising on experience.  With this in mind, when I prepare for certain experiences (like holidays) with my kids, I put a little thought into the big picture. It’s about … [Read more...]

What We Take to The Beach

Staple Items to Take to the beach

We are a pick-up-and-go type of family and so I like to keep things simple when we go to the beach.   If we keep things simple, it's achievable, and when it's achievable, we do it more.  What we take depends on how long we will be there. If we are heading to the beach for a few hours to swim, below are some standard staples that serve us well.   What we take to the beach Large Beach Tote - The red Seafolly tote … [Read more...]

Whale Watching: Hervey Bay

Crossing the road with kids

Sponsored by Tourism & Events Queensland (S1 Post) It's a focus for our family to experience nature, in all its wonder and beauty.  There's a quality bonding that comes with going on adventures together, which I believe is integral when creating a strong family and shaping a childhood full of beautiful memories.  We went on one such adventure last weekend to Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast in Queensland.   The … [Read more...]

Travel: Maryborough – All Things Mary Poppins!

Maryborough - Fraser Coast - Queensland

There are places that hold a sense of intrigue, where history is woven into the culture, nature and architecture.  Like a spring undercurrent, there's a deep significance, and that depth produces an interesting beauty. It makes you want to know more. This past weekend, our family visited the Fraser Coast. On our way to Hervey Bay, we stopped in at intriguing and beautiful Maryborough.  We almost skipped this … [Read more...]

Road Trip: Travel Activities for Kids

Travel Activities for the Car on Road Trips

We are in a stage of parenting where there's an urgency experience as much as we can in this small window family time; the kids are still young enough to do everything with us, but old enough that it's easy for us to drop everything and go places.  It's the memory-making season!  Later on, when my kids are adults, I believe these times will serve as memory anchors of a wonderful childhood and there's something … [Read more...]

Audio Books Save the School Run

Audio Books

Brought to you by Nuffnang and  The discovery of audio books took me back to my childhood. I remember listening to stories on my jukebox-look-a-like tape player; it helped me settle into sleep. is offering a free month trial (which comes with a free book download) and I was curious. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would use it extensively. But I was mistaken. I would go as far as saying incorporating … [Read more...]

The Spirit of The Ekka

The EKKA - Brisbane Show - Rides

On the way home from school, Miss 10 was talking about things she was learning at school including the history of The Ekka (the Brisbane Exhibition / Royal Queensland Show). The conversation with my daughter stirred my own curiosity, and I refeshed my own historical understanding.  In true Queensland style, the word exhibition in Brisbane Exhibition was shortened to Ekka.  And we don't think of it as anything else! Firsts 1876: … [Read more...]

Road Trip: Southern Great Barrier Reef – Wrap Up

Southern Great Barrier Reef Region

Sponsored by Tourism and Events Queensland I long to be back on this beach in the middle of the ocean! I'm reflecting back on our busy long weekend in the Southern Great Barrier Reef region and writing a wrap up retracing our travel steps.  I did the same thing after our road trip from Brisbane, right down to Canberra in 2011.  Southern Great Barrier Reef The Southern Great Barrier Reef stretches from Bundaberg — … [Read more...]

Day 3: Live Blogging – Southern Great Barrier Reef (Bundaberg)

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks - Bundaberg

Sponsored by Tourism and Events Queensland 7:00am - A later start today so we didn't need to get up as early. The 3rd and final clue was opened by Miss 10 and you can read it here if you're interested. Kelly's Beach Resort Anything with the name Kelly in it, has to be awesome. We stayed two nights at Kelly's Beach Resort, situated near the beach at Bargara, just outside of Bundaberg.  I've stayed in many different accommodation … [Read more...]

Day 2: Live Blogging – Southern Great Barrier Reef (Lady Elliot Island)


Sponsored by Tourism and Events Queensland "THAT WAS AMAZING!" Miss 8 burst out as she climbed back on the boat. Everyone laughed because she said aloud (very loud) what everyone was thinking.   The amazing thing was seeing the Great Barrier Reef up close.  This is Queensland. I love this state I was born in. Day 2 of our Hidden Treasure Challenge saw us heading out to the beautiful Lady Elliot Island, a short 20 minute flight … [Read more...]

Day 1: Live Blogging – Southern Great Barrier Reef (Childers)

Childers Sunrise

Sponsored by Tourism and Events Queensland I look at places I visit as if they have a personality.  In the past I've written about my impressions on Melbourne, Laos and The Viaduct Harbour in New Zealand.   This weekend I'm blogging live from the Souther Great Barrier Reef. Day 1 found us in Childers, about 50 kilometres inland from Bundaberg.   Childers There's something open and honest about Childers. It … [Read more...]

Exploring The Southern Great Barrier Reef

Southern Great Barrier Reef

Sponsored by Tourism and Events Queensland A good thing resulting from our many and continued house moves is the opportunity to see more of this beautiful country we live in.  In the early years of marriage, Matt and I lived in Newcastle, New South Wales. We lived in a small old cottage.  There was no hot water in the kitchen, most of the sash windows didn't work and it was oh-so-cold inside during Winter, but we loved it there … [Read more...]

Travel Trail Mix

Travel Trail Mix

This is our favourite travel trail mix for road trips: Pretzels  Popcorn Yoghurt balls I mix it up, put it in individual zip lock bags for the kids with a travel pack for longer road trips. For more details about what is in the travel packs, click here: Travel Activities Kids. More Lunchbox Friendly Trail Mix … [Read more...]

Bucket List: African Safari – Kruger National Park

l Park - South Africa - Glossy Starling

It's coming up to a year since I was in Africa with my Dad, his wife, my sister, niece and two eldest daughters.  In many ways, I can't believe we made it happen - it began with a casual conversations that turned into action.   Going to Africa well and truly cemented my love for travel and the desire to provide my children with these types of experiences as much as within my scope. Africa.  If I had to describe the parts I've seen … [Read more...]