Explore Your City Like a Tourist

Wynnum foreshore

We’ve lived in many different places in Australia over the years. People often comment along these lines to us: You’ve seen more of our city in the one year you’ve been here than we have since living here our whole lives! Exploring new places has become a significant part of our family identity and culture. I think one of the […]

Erupting Volcano

Erupting Volcano - Kids in the Kitchen

Guest Post by McKenzie’s Volcanos are fascinating. There are about 1,500 active volcanoes in the world, and about 500 have erupted in the historical timeline. The school holidays provide time for slow days where you can watch YouTube documentaries about the world, read books at the library and do creative projects. You can even do themed days and […]

Turn Kids Drawings Into Clothes


If you’ve got a child who is always scribbling and doodling, you can now turn their creative designs into a piece of clothing that they can wear with pride. The concept was launched in August this year by Picture This Clothing, and the new company has since been flooded with orders. Girls can have their […]

Cardboard Roll Flowers

toilet roll flowers

Since I’ve had kids, I have been collecting empty toilet rolls as if my life depended on them. My life didn’t depend on them but I assumed my sanity would because one day they would be used for craft. We’ve made many toilet roll crafts over the years and if you search on Pinterest, you […]

Create your own Lego animations

school holiday idea - playing with Lego

It can be difficult to find enough activities to keep kids busy over the school holidays, especially when it’s raining and you’re stuck indoors. Although my two younger children would happily watch Netflix Lego shows on repeat if they could, I try to limit their screen time and encourage more imaginative play.  I had been keeping […]

Science Experiments For Kids

Magic milk experiment for kids

This is the second instalment to the easy water experiment post I wrote last month. We can’t get enough science in our house at the moment and the kids are constantly dressing up and playing the mad scientist role. They have gone through litres of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, my food colourings are all […]

The Sleeping Beauty – a new production for younger ballet lovers

Storytime Ballet The Sleeping Beauty

Going to see the ballet has become more accessible for families than ever before, with The Australian Ballet recently announcing its first main-stage production designed specifically for children – Storytime Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty. Currently touring Australia, this beautiful production is targeted at children aged three years old and up. Live and interactive, the Storytime […]

Leaf Art Ideas

Leaf Art Ideas - use leaves to print paper. This is a good way to decorate bags and wrapping paper too

It is a wonderful thing to get creative with items around your home and leaves are a great example. They are everywhere in all different shapes and sizes. I’ll show you 2 different types of art using leaves from my garden. The first is leaf printing and the other is leaf rubbing. My children really enjoyed […]

School Holidays Fun Box

School Holiday Fun Box

If I know I’m going to be at home for most of the school holidays, I usually do up some sort of fun box in the week before the break starts. You can find a previous version of this here. Now, if you’re thinking, “Wow, what a fun mum you are!” I’ll add here that, although […]

Design Your Own Marshmallows

Marshmallow Art

We bought some lovely big canvases (marshmallows) at Costco for roasting last week so thought we’d decorate them with paint (coloured milk). It was so much fun and worked better than we expected! The trick is to use thin paint brushes with a fine tip. We bought ours at Daiso for $2.80 in a pack […]

Stick Bow & Arrow

Stick Bow & Arrow

The good thing about school holidays and weekends is the extended periods of time for the kids to create extensive and elaborate games.  My daughter made these props for a spy game she was playing with her siblings.  And it actually works! How creative. What ingenuity!  (Yes, we did have rules surrounding this for safety). My daughter […]

Watercolour Jacaranda Tree Tutorial

Jacaranda Tree Easy Watercolour Painting Tutorial for Kids

Ever since I did an Autumn tree watercolour experiment with the kids, I’ve thought about doing something similar for each season. Here in Brisbane, it’s beautiful, and there are Jacaranda trees popping up everywhere! The idea is to do something really simple to celebrate the season that has a wow factor kids feel proud of (looks great […]

Straw Construction Challenge

Straw Construction

On the school holidays, sometimes I throw a heap of straws on the table with tape and tell the kids to make something, anything! It’s really cheap, relatively non-messy and an easy activity to set up. Materials Straws (different colours/size/lengths work well; straws with a bendy top are fun to work with; you can get […]