Snow Globe

Snow Globe

                                     There is something magical about a snow globe.  As you look through the clear glass, it is like you are transported to another world.  A world where sparkles twirl like 1000 wishes, and you can’t help but wonder what it would be like to stand right in the middle, just watching.  As the wishes fall lightly to the ground, […]

Bottle Boats


Toddlers: how do you keep up with them?  The world, for a toddler, is a place full of opportunity, exploration and excitement.  It can be challenging to keep them busy; however, it always surprises me how little it takes to occupy them.  When it was my son’s bath time, I threw in some used plastic bottles for him to play with.  […]

Milk Bottle Lids: Rainbow Chairs

Milk Bottle Lid crafts: Rainbow Chairs

Milk bottle lids can be transformed into cute rainbow chairs or plates of food, perfect for small dolls like the mini Lalaloopsy Dolls. You can print the rainbow inserts for milk bottle lids on this template. More Milk Bottle Lid Crafts More ways to use the Milk Bottle Lid Template

Card Cartoon Craft


It is nice to keep cards.  However, sometimes after a few birthdays, they tend to accumulate in a draw.  This school holidays I grabbed a handful of cards for Flossie (8) and asked her to think of a craft she could do with them.  She came up with this FANTASTIC cartoon.  It made me laugh […]

Collage Canvas Wall Decoration


Need to decorate the walls of your child’s bedroom?  I made this cute canvas that hangs in my daughter’s bedroom. This is what you need: Canvas String (for long hair) Wooden blocks (for skirt) Textured paper (for bodice) Glue on Jewels (for crown/tiara) Pipe cleaners (for arms, legs and neck) Mirror Shape (for face) Paint […]

Body Paint Fun

Copy (2) of paintfun

1. Buy Non-Toxic Paint 2. Put paint in plastic containers 3. Provide large paint brushes 4. Do the painting outside on the grass 5. Put some paper out as well and do some hand/foot prints 6. Let your children enjoy a colourful bath or shower afterwards (the garden hose works rather well too) This was less […]

Let Her Choose for You Day

let her choose

Raising girls is a complex task.  Being a Mother to three of these creatures doesn’t mean I’m an expert; however, I certainly am in the deep end and learning fast.  Girls need quality time: a squeeze of the hand, a spin in the shopping isle, a song at bedtime and dress up time with Mum. […]

Father’s Day Present

I thought it would be fun to make a personalised T-Shirt for the Husband this Father’s Day. I used Zazzle to do this. I am excited to see what the T-Shirt looks like on the man I love. Zazzle have a Father Day special at the moment – Free Shipping on Fathers Day Orders. Below […]

Making Moments Count

Cuppa Dell

I often have to remind myself to take a breath *breathe*. Life is busy and before you realise, time flies by and you wonder where it has gone. I have learnt to try and make the most of every moment. Recently, I had the opportunity to do just that with my eldest daughter (Miss 8). […]

The Prayer Book

I believe in the power of Prayer. Generally speaking, Prayer is not a scientific process that can be proven or a miracle tonic for hardships. Prayer does not give you immunity from disease or guarantee healing. Prayer does not ensure wealth or a three wish experience. So why do I believe in Prayer? I do […]

Kelly’s Cookie Dough Cookies

keep calm and eat cookies

These cookies are super simple to make.  Children (4+) can make it themselves. There is no beating, sifting or  fuss. Kelly’s Cookie Dough Cookies Recipe Ingredients 90 grams butter 1 cup white sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 teaspoon salt 2 cups SR Flour Method 1. With a Fork mix together sugar and butter […]