Gift Ideas: Kids 8 to 12


The tween age group can sometimes be a bit tricky. We hope these ideas give you some inspiration. a Fairy Garden Kit Adore! b Metal Tool Set 16 pc Real working metal and wooden tools for older kids to get started in carpentry c Make Me Iconic Fairybread Sequin Purse This delicious […]

Gift Ideas: Kids 5 to 8


Ranging from items to make their room special to toys for fun. a Canvas Bean Chair These beanbag chairs are the perfect size for a little person! So many cute patterns and colours! They are great for kids aged 1-8, and check the website for adult lounge bags too. b Seedling – Ice Cream Skipping […]

Gift Ideas: Kids 3 to 5


The team has enjoyed putting together gift ideas for this age group. So many cute things! a Handmade Wooden Cattle Truck Beautifully made wooden truck that will be passed on through the generations b Le Toy Van Wooden Honeybake Mixer Set We love wooden toys! This one is great for role play c […]

Gift Ideas: Kids 1 to 3


Children this age enjoy simple engaging toys or items that facilitate their enjoyment. Below are a range of lovely gift ideas for this age group. a Wonderful Christmas in Oz Wooden Puzzle A beautiful wooden Oz Christmas puzzle! b Miffy Lamp Small Miffy is warm and bright and is a lovely addition to […]

Gift Ideas: Babies


This year, the team has put together a list of lovely products available online.  a Alps Shelf If you love something a bit different, bring the wilderness into your child’s room!The Alps Shelf is the perfectly sized ledge! b Bear Hand Printed Soft Toy This gorgeous soft bear toy would also look just […]

How to host a Christmas party for preschoolers

reindeer food making station

If you’ve been picked to host your mother’s group or playgroup Christmas party, we’ve gathered some easy food ideas and festive activities to keep toddlers and pre-schoolers happily engaged, while you enjoy a coffee and a chat with the other parents. Wishful thinking? Well… you never know until you try! 1. Festive (pre-schooler friendly) Christmas […]

Gift Inspiration from Officeworks

Officeworks - Christmas Shopping

Sponsored by Officeworks Last year, I moved from overseas back to Australia four days before Christmas. It was a challenging time! It meant I had to cram all my Christmas shopping in the hours leading up to the special day. I am usually much more organised but circumstances didn’t allow that last year. However, this […]

Christmas Cup Craft – Rudolph & an Angel

Christmas cup crafts

I love this time of year when we can start to do fun craft around Christmas. I don’t enjoy the mess though. But embrace it I do because it’s Christmas and it’s fun and we’re making memories. A fun craft that my three year old enjoyed putting together are these Christmas cup crafts. We made […]

Gift Wrapping Surprise: A Can of Beans


Need to wrap something special so the recipient can’t tell what it is? Here’s a fun idea for disguising money, gift cards, jewellery, and other small items. Put it in a can! What you need Empty can (must have a ring pull function) Hot glue gun Wrapping Recycle a can with a pull-ring opening lid. […]

Christmas Wish List Printable


One thing I’ve learned about Christmas shopping is I have to make lists so I have a general idea of what I’m looking for. When it comes writing gift lists for kids, a simple system like this works a treat.  Something I want Something I need Something to wear Something to read This is a […]

Mum & Daughter Pom Pom Tees Craft

pom pom tees

I’ve become a little obsessed with pom poms and tassels. I love seeing them on baskets, shoes, earrings and even on clothing. My girls are fond of crafting with pom poms, so this easy activity was one that my three year old loved doing. It got her creativity flowing and was something we could do […]

Simple Wreath Tree Decorations


I’m always on the lookout to use everyday items in creative ways. Caprice curtain eyelets are cheap and PERFECT to make mini wreath decorations for the Christmas tree. You can pick up a pack of 6 from Spotlight for about $6 so they are cheap to make. These make thoughtful teacher/friend/family gift ideas and they […]

Easy Minion Cupcakes

Simple Minion Cupcakes

Our family love the minions – Bob, Stuart, Kevin especially. They are funny and cute and make fantastic decorations for cupcakes. Decorating your cupcakes as minions is so simple and doesn’t take much longer than it normally would. I made these without telling the kids and they were puzzled while they were watching me in […]