What I Want For My Birthday Post-Baby

birthday presents for a mum post-baby

We only get one birthday a year, and sometimes as mums we shrug the day off because it’s another expense to add to the family budget or it’s just another reminder we’re getting older. I know the sentiment all too well because my birthday has been overshadowed by two major events over the last two […]

Amazing Itty Bitty Drawings

mini drawings by Brooke Rothshank

Brooke Rothshank – a mother and artist Artist Brooke Rothshank has found an ingenuous way to juggle mothering her three young children with pursuing her creative passions. If you ever feel like you can’t find the time to do the things you love, this may just be the inspiration and practical advice you’ve been looking […]

Coffee Pod Lion

coffee pod lion craft

Instead of throwing coffee pods away, why not recycle them for the kids to make some fun creatures? Today I’m going to show you how we made a coffee pod lion using a few simple craft materials that we had on hand from previous projects. This coffee pod craft is great for: Imaginary Play Party […]

Sparklers for the First Day of Winter

Sparkler words

“Now THAT was a hit,” said my husband after the kids were in bed. This week hasn’t been out of the ordinary for us. My husband has done three 24 hour on call shifts and a person very close to me is in hospital.  It only takes a few days of randomness to send the […]

Find Magic in the Everyday

find magic in the everyday

I have the lovely Elizabeth from thedotdotblog guest posting for me about all things gorgeous, fun, rainbow, sunshine and magic. Just what I needed to make me smile. Pop over to her blog and enter her current giveaway. I love magic. The type that makes an average day turn into a moment of fun. The type […]

Say It Aloud

shells in a glass

I sat on a bar stool with my elbows resting on my friend’s kitchen bench.  The sound of tea making was interspersed with chatter. It was a comfortable scene of familiarity between friends and I’m smiling right now as I recall it.  As the conversation continued, my hands explored the surface beneath me.  I absently […]

100 Ways to Love the Moment

love the moment picture

Since I started the Love the Moments Challenges back in January 2011, I have found many ways to enjoy moments both with, and without my kids.  It’s less about doing things and more about being aware; weaving moments into to the day as it happens creates a rich texture to life that brings much enjoyment […]

Putting Colour into A Grey Day

pink / purple bougainvillea

As I was watched the children play with the Milk Bottle Lid Boats in the rain, I noticed how pretty the bougainvillea looked behind them. I think I noticed it especially since the day was so grey.  Many of the pink-purple bougainvillea flowers have fallen off, creating a carpet of colour on the ground. It’s […]

Love the Moment Challenge December: All About Christmas

making a gingerbread house is very hard

I have done a Love the Moment Challenge every month this year! You can check them all out here: Love the Moment. This month’s challenge is all about Christmas, and our family will be following a Christmas Advent Calendar. Christmas Madness I love the Christmas month. However, I have to admit things are pretty mad […]

I See a Bend in the Road

a frozen moment

The rhythm of my feet echoed through my body as I walked. I felt a slight pull on my peach-coloured cardigan.  The pull wasn’t a here-I-am but a I-am-with-you pressure.   I didn’t speak.  No words were necessary. Beside me, like a shadow, was the boy who calls me Princess. My youngest child. My only […]

Simple Things, Small Joys

how the blog world spins

A few weeks ago, I shared a little bit of happiness in the form of a candle in a tea cup. The gorgeous Stacey from VeggieMama left a comment that gave me a lot of happiness. “I also love glass juice bottles with the labels off to make vases for pretty little posies,” she said. […]

Be Anchored by the Big Picture; Live in the Moment

big picture not

I don’t want moments  to fly by with without me noticing them. That’s what the Love the Moment Challenges are all about.  I’ve seen life change very quickly, and so moments are all we all have really.  I would love our family to be free to embrace moments but are neither controlled by them or […]

I want to go to New Zealand, Thailand and Hawaii (Giveaway)

Growing up

{Suda Sudarsana talks about the new destination inspired Ambi Pur Air Effects range} I’m not particularly interested in science but I could listen to Suda Sudarsana, Procter & Gamble (P&G) fragrance expert, talk all day! He’s so obviously passionate about his work and it’s infectious! At breakfast, as I looked over Thailand’s sparkling sea, Suda […]