Easy Napkin Bow Ties for Father’s Day

napkin bow ties

Every year for Father’s Day, I get my girls to hand-make something for their dad. It’s only fair if I get a dried pasta necklace, dad should also receive his own masterpiece. And let’s be honest, these gifts are usually the most appreciated because of the love involved in creating them. While school or kindy […]

Father’s Day Photo Gift Idea

Father's Day Photo Idea

Sponsored by Kodak Alaris and Nuffnang Just in time for Father’s Day, there’s an exciting new KODAK App available called KODAK MOMENTS – that allows you to easily order prints from the photographs taken on your phone, or from the photos stored on your Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Dropbox accounts, and have them delivered to […]

Dear Dad Letter

Dear Dad Letter - Fill in the Blanks - Great for Father's Day

I adore fill in the bank letters for kids. I did one around Mother’s Day and with Father’s Day around the corner, I did a version for Dads too, with help from my designer friend Liss from LissLetters. There is a black and white and coloured version that are free to download and use. Just click […]

Father’s Day Mini Book

Father's Day Idea - Make a Mini Book

We are a book loving family and the kids make their own books often. I already had the words for a Father’s Day Printable and so we made it into a mini book too. It’s really very easy to make, and would make a wonderful gift/card idea for Father’s Day. Words by Kelly Burstow. Design […]

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Card - Tie Printable

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Supercheap Auto I mentioned to my husband that I was writing a post with Supercheap Auto and his eyes lit up. “I know the website very well; I’m often on there,” he said. “Tell me 3 things on your wish list.  Without hesitation he named, Maxtrax recovery tracks, LED […]

Father’s Day Photo Gift Ideas (+ Giveaway)

Father's Day Photo Gift Ideas

Brought to you by Officeworks  Photo Gift Ideas for Father’s Day Personalised photo gifts for Father’s Day are always a win. The first thing is to get an updated picture of the kids. Below are ideas on taking fun photographs of the kids and how to turn pictures into gifts easily at the Kodak Kiosk at […]

Father’s Day Card: Tie Printable

Father's Day Tie Card Printable

This is a simple tie card/craft idea for Father’s Day. The fun thing about this card is Dad can wear it! Materials Tie Template Light cardboard or paper Scissors Ribbon or string Decorating: stickers, pens/pencils, collage material, glue, paint. 1. Template Click the pictures below for the PDF printables.  There is a blank one, plus […]

DIY: Decoupage a Terracotta Pot (with a child’s drawings)


I have Renee from About the Garden here with a fantastic Father’s Day gift idea! An Easy Way to Decoupage a Terracotta Pot with Artwork My Dad is the best Poppy! Not only is his shed a small gallery of all things artistic created by my little people, but he seriously still displays art that […]

Father’s Day Craft: Hand Print Canvas

hand print canvas

I did a hand print canvas craft for Father’s Day three years ago and decided to do it again this year. How the kids have grown!  This is a gorgeous personalised gift idea for Father’s Day.  Blank canvas can be found at discount and craft shops starting from about $4. This activity doesn’t take take […]

Father’s Day Craft: Paddle Pop Stick Note Pad Holder

Father's Day Craft - Paddle Pop Stick Note Pad Holder

This sticky notepad holder is easy to make for Father’s Day.  Plus, it’s useful too! Materials Craft glue Thick cardboard Approx 41 Paddle-pop (Popsicle) sticks Pen Sticky note pad Felt pens Scissors   Instructions 1. Draw on cardboard a 11 cm square (this is idea for standard sticky note pad size). I used a section […]

Father’s Day Craft: Painted Frame

  Blank wooden photo frames can be found at most craft stores from about $5. If Dad has a study at home or an office at work, it’s a great way to update the pic of the kids. Materials Picture frame Paint Paint brushes Photograph Cup of water for rinse brushes between colour changes Paper […]

Father’s Day Craft: Rock Paper Weight

This paper weight rock will add a splash of colour to Dad’s desk. The secret to a great paper weight is finding a good sized rock that has a flat-ish bottom so it sits well. Materials Smooth rock that sits fairly flat Paint Paint brush Paint Pen (or permanent marker) Instructions 1. Paint rock. Allow […]

Father’s Day Craft: Pen Holder Photo/Bookmark

Dad can pop this photo in with the pens.  It’s an interesting way to display a photo of the kids and it’s easy to make too!  Materials Paddle-pop (Popsicle) stick Craft Glue Photograph Scissors Instructions 1. Print a favourite picture of the kids. For this craft, it works best to use a portrait picture of […]

Taking Photos for Father’s Day

father's day photographs -- letters on feet

A wonderful photo of your children can be just the thing for Father’s Day. There are so many crafts and gifts you can make with photos. Below are 5 ways you can take photos of children for Father’s Day. If you are looking for tips on getting kids to smile for the camera, read my […]