Egg Carton Chicken (filled with chocolate eggs)

Egg Carton Chicky Chocolate Holder

Today, Bec, mum of 3, is sharing a cute Easter gift idea to make with kids using a recycled egg carton.


Egg carton
Paint (or you can use texta)
Felt scraps (if you don’t have felt scraps, you can use cardboard)
Craft glue
Permanent Marker
Solid eggs (to fill)

Egg Carton Chicky - materials you need

What to do

1. Cut two cups from the egg carton. Be sure to cut deep up into the V on one side as this will make the tail on the base cup. (See picture above)

2. Let the kids paint and decorate! I used yellow but any paint colour or even texta (felt pen) can be used.

3. Staple the two egg carton cups together at the base of the tail where it connects to the rest of the carton cup (allowing the tail to stick out) to form the head and body.

4. Cut out a beak, wings and feet from the felt. Glue onto the body and allow to dry. Tip: if you don’t have felt that readily available, cut beak/wing sized pieces out of cardboard.

5. Draw eyes and other details with a marking texter.

My kids played with the Easter chicks just as they were, but we decided to fill ours up with Easter eggs and gift them. 


Easy Egg Carton Chicky

Hatched Chicken Template

10 Ways to Gift Easter Eggs

Different ways to use egg cartons

Easter Craft and Activities

Easter Craft: Decorate Eggs With Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker

I sometimes decorate hard boiled eggs with faces for the children’s lunch box. Around Easter, it’s fun to decorate eggs as an activity by using permanent markers or even regular textas.  It’s easy and relative mess free.

Decorate Eggs with Permanent Marker


Permanent Marker or crayons

Boiled eggs


1. Decorate the egg however you like!

–> Tip! Egg & Spoon Game!

Play an egg and spoon race with the colourful eggs in the backyard!  The fun thing is the eggs will crack if you drop them which makes the game more dramatic!

Keeping and Storing

Hard boiled eggs (to eat) need to need to stored in the refrigerator (and shouldn’t be out of the fridge for more than two hours).  If kept in their shells, the eggs will keep in the fridge for a week. *according to

If you don’t plan on eating the decorated hard boiled eggs, display them somewhere in the house at room temperature for a few days before throwing out.

Another Idea

Decorate boiled eggs with temporary tattoos

Easter: Decorating eggs - use a temporary tattooMore

Easter Craft & Activity Ideas

Decorating Eggs: With a Temporary Tattoo

I did this with my children last year and they loved it! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  Easter is a little while away, but I wanted to share this idea now because it’s an easy way to decorate eggs around Easter time (or any time really) and the end result is fan-tastic!  I usually look out for a packet of temporary tattoos in my everyday travels and stick them in the cupboard ready for an opportune moment closer to Easter. It’s about being prepared for spontaneous fun.  See what I did there?

Take a heap of these pretty eggs on a picnic, add to the lunch box or have an egg decorating afternoon, just because it’s fun.

Temporary Tattoo Egg

 Easter: Decorating eggs - use a temporary tattoo


Temporary Tattoos

Hard Boiled Egg (cooled)

Wet washer



Easter: Decorating eggs - use a temporary tattoo  

1. Cut the tattoo to size.  Keep in mind the tattoo will need to be small enough to fit on the front of an egg.

2. Peel off the protective clear layer on top of the tattoo.

3. Press the tattoo face down on to the egg.

4. Carefully place a wet washer over the back of the tattoo and hold firm for about 10 seconds. Then gently press the washer down over the entire area to transfer the tattoo on the egg shell.

5. Remove the wet backing paper and you’re done!

Lunchbox Fun

A fun surprise in the lunchbox:

  • Tinned corn
  • Apple muffin
  • Cheese sandwich on brown bread
  • Red grape
  • Decorated Easter Boiled Egg

Easter: Decorating eggs - use a temporary tattoo


Easter Craft & Activity Ideas

Easter Chicky Jars

I’m into easy, I’m into quick, and this Easter activity satisfies both of these requirements.  I made cute mini Chicky Jars to gift to my children this Easter. The good thing about them, is they look cute…AND they are small, so the amount of chocolate is portioned nicely.

My children are at the age now where they can use these little jars (when all the chocolate is gone) in their room for things like shell collections, trinkets and pocket money.  So the jars in themselves, become a bit of a gift too.

All up, the chocolate filled jars cost me about $3.50 each.


Easter Craft -- Chicky Jars

Chocolate eggs (I used m & m’s Speckled eggs)

Craft glue (for even stronger result, use a glue gun)

Yellow chickies

Mini jars (found at discount stores and supermarkets)

Ribbon (optional)

Easter Chicky Jars

Glue the chicky to the top of the jar and allow to dry. Then fill with chocolate eggs and finish off with a ribbon!

Easter Craft -- Chicky Jars

Easter Craft -- Chicky Jars


  • Use different coloured chickies to mix it up.
  • Add a gift tag.
  • Place a little shredded paper in the base of the jar.

I love when readers send in their own versions of the craft.  Jayne sent in this picture of the chicky jars she made with her son for teacher gifts.  CUTE!!

Easter craft for kids -- easter chicky jars


Easter Craft

Easter Cupcake Case Nest

The easiest, quickest, cutest, mess-free Easter craft/gift.  I spotted cupcake cases when I was at the shops and thought they would make perfect nests for Easter chicks.   It’s fun and easy for kids to assemble, or they can be given as gifts.


I found all of the materials for this craft at a discount store.  Most supermarkets, and craft stores like Spotlight, will have them too.

easter craft -- cup cake case nests

Cupcake cases

Shredded paper (variation: crepe paper, cellophane)


Small Easter Eggs (solid foil Easter Eggs work well)

Clear plastic wrap cases & Ribbon (optional – if you want to wrap and give as a gift)

Easter Cupcake Case Nest

1. Fill the cupcake case with shredded paper. I didn’t use anything to secure the paper to the base of the cupcake case, but a bit of craft glue would work well as an option.

2. Nestle the chicks into the paper.

3. Add a few Easter eggs.

Option: Wrap in a plastic gift bag and add a ribbon.

Easter Craft -- cupcake case nest

Easter Craft -- cupcake case nest





Table place settings (add a piece of paper with a name written on it)


Easter Craft & Activities for Kids

Easter Craft: Lollipop Bunnies

Guest Post from Kristie

Kristie is a mum who loves making treats and she is sharing how to make cute Bunny Lollipops, perfect for Easter craft.

easter lollipop bunny

What you need

Lollipops (sphere shape)

Foam Eggs Balls (bags available from discount stores or craft shops)

Double-sided Tape

Pom Poms (For tail)

Pipe Cleaner (Cut each into 3 equal pieces)

Cardboard (cut out in small squares for the feet)

Permanent Marker (To draw face)


1. Twist a foam egg on to lollipop stick (twisting carefully not to damage foam ball)

2. Using double-sided tape fix bunny to cardboard and draw on feet with permanent marker

3. Use 1/3 of pipe cleaner and twist around the lollipop stick between the foam head and the lollipop body.  This will make arms. Tip: You can use a ribbon instead to make the arms.

easter craft -- lollipop bunny

4.  Use 1/3 of pipe cleaner, bend in half and push the ends into one side of the foam egg to create and ear. Repeat for the other ear.

5. Draw a bunny face on the foam egg with a marker.

6. Use double-sided tape to fix a pom pom tail

You can make a bunch of these to give to friends as gifts and use the cardboard feet to write a message.

easter craft -- lollipop bunny

10 Ways to Give Easter Eggs

Whether you’re doing a Easter Egg Hunt or just giving eggs as a gift, it’s fun to make them look pretty in all their shiny foil glory.

1. Little Jar

I purchased this little jar from a discount store for a few dollars.  This one is glass, but you can get small plastic jars too.

Easter eggs Tip: To make the jar Easter themed, stick a chicky on top!

Easter Chicky Jar

2. Organza Bag

You can purchase small organza bags from discount and departments stores in packs. Perfect if you have to make up a few to giveaway. This is a fun way to give eggs to kids as they like carrying the bag around with them.

Tip: another idea is to use paper or zip lock bags and decorate with Easter themed stickers and markers.

Easter eggs in a bag

3. Juice Bottles

Personal favourite: Empty juice bottles filled with eggs, tied off with twine (I used Divine Twine) and finished with a gift tag.

easter eggs in juice bottle with twine

4. Plastic Eggs

Pop a few solid chocolate eggs inside a larger plastic egg. Perfect for an Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter eggs in a plastic egg

5. Paper Favour Box

You can print this sweet free printable over on the Colour Me There blog.

Easter Egg paper printable

6. Tins

Cute tins make me smile, and they come in all sorts of colours. You can find them in a discount store.

Easter Eggs in tin

7. Basket

Baskets and eggs: they always go well together.

Easter eggs in basket

8. Chocolate Free Gift

It can be a simple as a little chicky in a plastic egg.  Cute.

chocolate free Easter Egg gift

9. Egg Carton Chicken

A cute Egg Carton Chicky can hold little solid eggs.  This is fun because kids can help make it.  Find instructions on how to put it together here. You can also use egg cartons as a mini basket.  Simply use one cup and create a handle with a piece of sturdy cardboard.

Egg Carton Chicky Chocolate Holder

10. Cupcake Nest

I used cupcake cases as a nest one year. Check it out here.

Cupcake Chicken Nest


Easter Craft & Activities

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

A glow in the dark Easter egg hunt: How brilliant is that!? I saw the idea here and it looked easy to organise, so tonight we did a glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt Road test. SO. MUCH. FUN!

Easter Activities : glow in the dark Easter eggs


Plastic Easter Eggs

Glow bangles

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

I gave each of my kids a bangle to hold (this helped them to see where they were going for the hunt) and put them in a room while I hid the eggs.

easter activities -- glow in the dark Easter egg hunt

I hid the eggs in all sorts of fun places.

Easter Activities -- glow in the dark easter eggs

The kids looked for the eggs, found them, and then we did it all over again…and again.


Easter Activities & Craft

Easter Egg Foil Butterfly

Solid chocolate eggs are a wonderful treat around Easter time. I love the colours in the foil wrappers too.  You can save the wrappers and use them in a collage or to make a butterfly to hang in an outdoor tree. This craft is outdoor friendly as it doesn’t matter if the materials get wet.



Laminate sheet

Easter Egg Foil


Easter craft -- Easter Egg Foil Butterfly1. Arrange the foil inside a laminate sheet.

2. Laminate.

3. Draw a butterfly shape on to the sheet. You can use a stencil or just draw it roughly like I did.

4. Punch a hole and thread through a piece of string.

5. Hang in an outdoor tree or use as a mobile inside. Pretty!

Easter Craft - Easter Egg Foil Butterfly

More Easter Posts

Easter Craft and Activities

Easter Craft: Egg Carton Chicky

This Easter Egg Carton Chicky is easy and cheap to make, relatively mess free and so cute!

Easter Craft: Egg Carton Easter Egg Chicky


Egg Carton

Yellow, Orange and Black Texter




You can find the instruction on this video, presented by my daughter, Flossie (no that is not her real name).


Easter Craft - Egg carton easter egg chicky

1. Cut around one egg space in the bottom of the egg carton.

2. Trim the bottom so the chick will sit evenly.

3. Colour the cardboard with yellow texter.

4. Draw a triangle beak with orange texter.

5. Draw eyes using a black texter.

6. Puncture a hold in the top of the chick and insert a feather.


Make an entire clutch of chicks!

Easter Craft: Egg Carton Easter Egg Chicky

Draw a pond on a piece of paper and play. This is my 6-year-old’s pond.

Easter Play -- Chicks in a pond

Kids with Egg Allergies

Tip from Katrina: For kids with egg allergies, you can use fruit trays. They are a similar shape and you can find them at most fruit shops.

Other Posts

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter Craft & Activities

Easter Advent Calendar

Decorate Easter Egg: Wool Egg

This Wool Easter Egg looks adorable and homey! It’s quite easy to make; the only tricky part is keeping the wool on the glue as you wind it around the egg. For younger children, I would do the wool part, and allow it to dry before giving it to the child to decorate. I used a foam egg because it’s light and sits up well but decorating a hard boiled egg with wool works too.


Foam Egg

Wool (your choice of colour). I used pastel rainbow wool for this tutorial.

2 x google eyes

Foam or cardboard for feet and beak. Use the below picture as a visual guide.

chicken feet template

Tacky Craft Glue (DO NOT use regular craft glue on foam as it will corrode)

Use tacky craft glue for foam


1. Cover egg with glue.

2. Starting from the base of the egg, lay the wool in a spiral, continuing down the egg until it’s covered.

Decorating Easter Eggs -- Wool Easter Egg

Decorating Easter Egg: Wool Easter Egg

Decorating Easter Eggs -- Wool Easter Egg

decorating easter eggs: wool easter egg

3. Add google eyes, beak, feet and feather.

Wool Yarn Easter Egg

Use different colour wool for a different look.

Wool Yarn Easter Egg


Use a plastic egg and double-sided tape for a easy mess free option.

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Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter Craft & Activities

Easter Advent Calendar

Easter Crafts, Food & Activities

Here are six Easter Crafts you and your children may enjoy this week. 

1. Easter Story

I’m telling my children the Easter story in 12 parts in the lead up to Easter.  My kids love opening our homemade eggs everyday and reading the daily story in the Easter Advent Calendar printout.

{Easter Advent Calendar}

Easter Advent Calendar

2. Easter Egg Wand

This is a an easy craft that has the potential for imaginative play.

how to make a Easter Egg Wand

Materials: Kebab stick (or paddle pop for younger children), foam egg shape, paint or glue and glitter, ribbon

1.Press a kebab stick (or paddle pop stick) into the base of the foam egg. It’s a good idea to but a little glue on the end of the stick before inserting so it stays in place.

2. Decorate the egg with your choice or permanent markers, paint or glitter.

3. Tie a ribbon just underneath the egg.  To keep the bow in place, use a little glue.

4. Place in a pot plant to dry.

(You can use the wands as a table centrepiece too)

3. Easter Egg Chocolate Centrepiece

Jordan from Polkadot Prints demonstrates how easy it is to make this gorgeous chocolate Easter egg centrepiece. There’s a free template to download too.

{Polkadot Prints Easter Egg Chocolate Centrepiece Template}

easter egg chocolate centrepiece

 4. Easter Bunny, Easter Chicken & Carrot Template

If you love funky stationery, Rock + Paper + Siccsors  is the place to be! They have free Easter Buddies templates you can download. They are adorable and fairly mess free. All you need to do is print, cut and stick. Click the picture for the templates.

{Easter Buddies Template}

Easter Bunny Template Easter Chicken Template


5. Cracked Egg Craft

Last Easter, I made this Cracked Easter Egg Craft. Click the picture for the free template.

{Cracked Egg Easter Egg Craft}

Cracked Egg Craft

6. Easter Bunny Biscuits

I made these simple Easter Bunny Biscuits with milk arrowroot biscuits, icing, sultanas, liquorice and marshmallows.  You can read the detailed instruction in the Connect2Mums Ezine.

{Connect2Mums Ezine}

Easter Bunny Biscuits

Have a Blessed Easter with your family.

Decorating Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs -- hard boiled eggs

Decorate Easter Egg: Food Colouring

  1. Place a hard-boiled egg in a cup filled with water, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and food colouring of choice.
  2. Leave the eggs in the water for at least an hour.
  3. Carefully lift the egg out of the water with a spoon to avoid cracking.

Tip: Wrap a rubber band around the boiled egg before placing it in the dyed water for an interesting pattern.

coloring easter eggs

Decorate Easter Egg: Colour

Fuss free option

  1. Decorate boiled egg with permanent markers or crayon.

decorate easter egg: draw on easter egg

Decorate Easter Egg: Paint

1. Hard-boil egg and allow to dry

2. Paint with your choice of colours.

Tip: Use an egg carton as a stand for painting the egg.

decorate easter eggs: paint easter eggs

Wool Easter Egg

Cover the egg with wool. To read the instructions, click here: Wool Easter Egg.

Decorating Easter Eggs

More Easter Craft and Activities

Easter Craft and Activities here