My (Top 10) Favourite Children’s Picture Books

May 29, 2014

I’ve read a lot of picture books over the years. A lot-a-lot-a-lot. Like, at least a thousand.  My favourite picture books are the ones that both the kids and I love reading together again and again. I like books that are clever, simple, emotive, motivational and allow children to embrace who they are. Below is [...]

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A Book: Where the Wild Things Are

May 9, 2012

I woke this morning to the news of author Maurice Sendak’s death at age 83 (June 10, 1928 – May 8, 2012).  His signature book, Where the Wild Things Are, is well know and loved at our house.  How amazingly fitting that I have a guest post from Fi today, showing how to create a [...]

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Make Your Own Unicorn Horn

October 31, 2011

I love supporting Aussie Authors. I’ve featured Alison Lester, Peter Carnavas, Susan Stephenson and Aleesah Darlison on the blog before. Today, I’m welcoming Aleessah Darlison back to the blog for the launch of her new series, Unicorn Riders. Who are the Unicorn Riders? Unicorn Riders is a brand new fantasy adventure series written by Aleesah [...]

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Picture Books, Parenting and the Case of the Missing Masking Tape

October 23, 2011

Today, I’m thrilled to welcome picture book author and illustrator, Peter Carnavas to Be A Fun Mum.  Peter’s books are very special because they touch the heart; they touch my heart! The emotive stories are filled with hope and are told through elegant illustrations and simple, yet profound words.  I love Peter’s work so I begged asked if he would [...]

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Alphabet Soup Magazine Australia + Giveaway

January 7, 2011

Have you heard about the Alphabet Soup Magazine?  Alphabet Soup is an Australian magazine for children aged 6 to 12 who love books and creative writing.  I recently discovered the magazine and I want to tell you about it.  First things first: the paper is gorgeous!  It’s thick and glossy which is ideal for children.  The magazine has a by children, [...]

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Get and Give: 3 Bags Full Finger Puppet Pouch

September 27, 2010

I’m learning to be aware of the products I buy and where my money goes.  There’s much injustice when it comes to buying and importing products from developing countries.  I’m but one person.  I can’t change the world but I can do good where I can. So, I want to share Sue’s story. Sue had a desire to improve the [...]

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