Pipe Cleaner Crown

Pipe Cleaner Crown - Very Easy!

We had fun making pipe cleaner crowns on the weekend.  They are simple to make and they look adorable. Above is one design, and I shared another tiara-style at the end of the post. Ideas are endless: google 'Pipe Cleaner Crown' or 'Chenille Crown' for even more ideas. These crowns are great for: Book Week Birthday Party Craft (have all the materials all cut up and a few examples made up) Dress ups Dress ups for … [Read more...]

Cookie Dough Recipe (for Ice Cream!)

Edible Cookie Dough Recipe for Ice Cream

I'm not a huge ice cream fan. If I'm eating dessert, I like a proper dessert with ice cream as an accompaniment. My husband is different.  A bowl of ice cream makes him very, very, very (VERY) happy.  He's easy to please. And the kids love ice cream too. I have been playing with an cookie dough recipe for ice cream so we could have a ice cream night at home for a treat. And this is a rare treat because it's horribly unhealthy! But … [Read more...]

Funny Face Biscuits

Basic Biscuit Recipe - great for decorating funny faces

Post by Be A Fun Mum contributor, Amanda from Food Before 5 This is one of my favourite recipes that my children and I have fun cooking & decorating together. If I want the faces to look perfect, I’ll do them myself but most of the fun comes in seeing what the kids themselves create. They also make a great (& inexpensive) party favour for little ones, a fun birthday party activity (have the biscuits made and have kids decorate them … [Read more...]

Pipe Cleaner Heart Wand

Pipe Cleaner Wand

A pipe cleaner heart wand is uber simple to make and so cute! Materials 3 Pipe Cleaners Instructions 1. To make the heart top of the tiara, bend a pipe cleaner in half and twist about 2/3 rds the way down to form a large loop. 2. Create a heart shape by pressing down in the middle of the loop, bending the pipe cleaner in the middle. 3. Bend a second pipe cleaner in half and twist both sides together to form the handle of the … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

make your own wrapping paper - draw pictures on brown paper

I love the unique look of child-coloured wrapping paper for gifts and it doubles as an activity the kids enjoy too.  You can get a roll of brown (Kraft) paper from places like Officeworks, Kmart, Target, BIG W and stationery stores.  30 metres cost about $15 so it goes a long way. Colourful Wrapping Brown paper Felt pens, ballpoint pen, pencils, oil pastels, and crayons all work. Paint also works but there that extra step of … [Read more...]

Decorative Tape: Party Ideas


Sponsored by 3M (S1 Post) The new Scotch® Expressions Tape is a brilliant addition to the family stationery stash.  It can be used to decorate a variety of household, stationery and recycled items.  I recently wrote a post about 5 ways I’ve been using the decorative tape around the house.   This time, I’m sharing how the tape can help make a birthday party special. 1. Birthday Photo Frame Dress up a simple … [Read more...]

Easy Horse Themed Cake


I love how the cake for my daughter's 8th birthday turned out.  Easy too. Materials Rectangle cake (with chocolate icing - for the paddock) Horse Plastic Toy Figurine  (I used a Schleich horse figurine and fence which acted as a gift for my daughter too) Cake bunting (I purchased from Sew Sweet) On the day of the party, I put the decorations on the already-make cake and it was done. The Party We held the party at a park. I hung … [Read more...]

Pipe Cleaner Tiara

Pipe Cleaner Tiara

A Pipe Cleaner Tiara is fun for: Book Week Birthday Party Craft (have all the materials all cut up and a few examples made up) Dress ups Just for fun! Plays School holidays Sleep overs (get a huge range of pipe cleaners and beads and challenge the kids to make the best crowns and then do a fashion show) Use as a prop for a photo booth Materials 6 Pipe Cleaners 2 Beads (with an average sized hole, able to fit snugly over a … [Read more...]

Ice Candle Holder

ice candle holder

This ice candle holder turned out even better than I though it would! Love that!  It's easy (and cheap) to make; it looks good on it's own, or a few in a row.  I put this out for my birthday, around dinner time, and the kids were thrilled, and it made my day, that bit extra special.  Below is how I made it. Materials Balloon Milk Bottle Lid Masking Tape Tea light Water Instructions 1. Fill balloon with water Fill a regular … [Read more...]

Spider Lollipop

spider lollipop

Lollipop Spider These lollipop spiders are inspired by House of Baby Piranha.  I'll be storing this idea away for party bags, birthday party decoration or craft (suited for older children due to the choking hazard). They are so easy to make! Materials Lollipops, pipe cleaner, boogly eyes Instructions 1. Cut 1 pipe cleaner into 3 equal parts. 2. Using craft glue, attach the googly eyes. 3. Wind the 3 pipe cleaners around the top … [Read more...]

Give a Hoot! How to Make a Giggle and Hoot Cake

how to make a giggle and hoot cake

Today on the blog, I'm thrilled to welcome Danielle to share her brilliant version of a Giggle and Hoot Cake, that anyone can make! Guest post by Danielle from Keeping Up with the Holsbys Giggle and Hoot are pretty big in my house. I was a No TV kind of Mum for the first 14 months of my son's life but then we were introduced to the Giggle and Hoot bedtime hour. We only catch about half of it after the bath time shenanigans but trust me, half … [Read more...]

A Little Bit of CandyLand

candyland willy wonka charlie and the chocolate factory

I've enjoyed taking pictures for Canon as part of the Canon Island Blogger Challenge. Challenge three was a Dessert Island and I immediately thought about Candyland from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A world made of candy, complete with a chocolate river, is so awesome. {I like the 1971 movie version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory best} I couldn't quite recreate Candyland  (I wish!) but made lolly flowers which are easy and fun … [Read more...]

Lolly Crafts

how to make an ant out of lollies or candy

Since I had lollies left over after decorating my daughter's birthday cake, I decided to see what I could make out of them. Now, most of these creations aren't all that child friendly because they have small sharp parts but they are fantastic for decorating birthday cakes and party tables. To make all of these creations (above) you will need these things: Jube lollies (different shapes) Toothpicks Craft Glue Scissors Pipe cleaners … [Read more...]

How to Make a Ballerina Peg Doll

how to make a peg doll: tie elastic around waist and tie on tulle

Yesterday on the blog I put up a simple tutorial on how to make a no sew tutu. I thought it would be fun to make a matching ballerina peg doll. What to use the peg doll for Birthday Party craft Birthday Party Favour Home craft Christmas (make it an angel by making the tutu white and adding some wings) What you need Wooden peg (you can get these from craft stores) Stocking, wool, elastic, hair band or string … [Read more...]