Make Your Own (super easy) Bubble Mixture

DIY Bubble Mixture - so easy!

Make your own (super easy) bubble mixture The following recipe makes 1.25 litres of bubble mixture, and you can double the amounts to make a larger batch. It works perfectly in bubble machines, and will keep for months in an air-tight container. You will need 1.5 cups dish washing detergent Glycerine (available in supermarkets) Warm water Container with lid to hold the bubble mixture Bubble wands or wire coat hanger Method 1. In … [Read more...]

Backyard Bottle Bowling

Backyard bowling. All you need is empty bottles and a ball.

One of my readers sent me this idea. It's one of those fab simple things you can pull out on a lazy Saturday afternoon for some family fun. Fabulous to keep in mind for Christmas or the school holidays! What you need 10 Empty 1.25 L Bottles Food colouring - 3 colours (optional) Large Ball Water How to play 1. Fill the bottles with water.  The more full they are, the harder they will be to push over.   2. Add a few drops of … [Read more...]

Easy Marshmallow Pops

Easy Marshmallow Pops

Celebrating birthdays at school or day care – easy marshmallow pops I love that teachers and caregivers take the time to celebrate our children’s birthdays at school and day care. Singing happy birthday, wearing a birthday hat or badge and taking along a birthday treat to share with class mates helps make their day even more special. Traditionally, a humble birthday cake was baked and sent along – maybe a swirly marble cake if you were really … [Read more...]

Washi Tape Birthday Party Decorations

DIY Washi Tape Cake Bunting

Brought to you by 3M (S1 Post) Early this year I did a series of posts on using Scotch® Expressions Tape around the home. It’s fabulous stuff, and what I like most about this tape is you can make simple things look funky and fun! This time, I’m sharing how to theme a pre-teen or teen birthday party. Colour Scheme The first thing is to pick a colour scheme from the large range of Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, Scotch® Expressions Magic Tape … [Read more...]

Pipe Cleaner Crown

Pipe Cleaner Crown - Very Easy!

We had fun making pipe cleaner crowns on the weekend.  They are simple to make and they look adorable. Above is one design, and I shared another tiara-style at the end of the post. Ideas are endless: google 'Pipe Cleaner Crown' or 'Chenille Crown' for even more ideas. These crowns are great for: Book Week Birthday Party Craft (have all the materials all cut up and a few examples made up) Dress ups Dress ups for … [Read more...]

DIY Washi Tape Cake Bunting

DIY Washi Tape Cake Bunting

I adore the look of bunting on a cake. It's such a simple way to take a cake from looking nice to absolutely gorgeous!  This type of cake decoration is great for baby showers, kids birthday, teens and right up cakes for adults and general celebrations. You can easily make cake bunting yourself with decorative Washi Tape and I'll show you how. Materials 2 x Kebab Sticks Twine - half a metre Washi Tape (colours of choice) - I … [Read more...]

Cookie Dough Recipe (for Ice Cream!)

Edible Cookie Dough Recipe for Ice Cream

I'm not a huge ice cream fan. If I'm eating dessert, I like a proper dessert with ice cream as an accompaniment. My husband is different.  A bowl of ice cream makes him very, very, very (VERY) happy.  He's easy to please. And the kids love ice cream too. I have been playing with an cookie dough recipe for ice cream so we could have a ice cream night at home for a treat. And this is a rare treat because it's horribly unhealthy! But … [Read more...]

Funny Face Biscuits

Basic Biscuit Recipe - great for decorating funny faces

Post by Be A Fun Mum contributor, Amanda from Food Before 5 This is one of my favourite recipes that my children and I have fun cooking & decorating together. If I want the faces to look perfect, I’ll do them myself but most of the fun comes in seeing what the kids themselves create. They also make a great (& inexpensive) party favour for little ones, a fun birthday party activity (have the biscuits made and have kids decorate them … [Read more...]

Pipe Cleaner Heart Wand

Pipe Cleaner Wand

A pipe cleaner heart wand is uber simple to make and so cute! Materials 3 Pipe Cleaners Instructions 1. To make the heart top of the tiara, bend a pipe cleaner in half and twist about 2/3 rds the way down to form a large loop. 2. Create a heart shape by pressing down in the middle of the loop, bending the pipe cleaner in the middle. 3. Bend a second pipe cleaner in half and twist both sides together to form the handle of the … [Read more...]

Washi Tape Decorations: Straw Flags

Birthday Party Decorations: Washi Tape Straws

Add a little fun to birthday party decorations by decorating the straws with little flags made from Washi Tape.  It's just a simple matter of folding tape around the straw and then trimming the tape with scissors to the shape and size you want. Make square, triangle or rectangle flags. Materials Straws Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape (colours of choice) Scissors More Washi Tape Decoration Ideas Washi Tape Cake … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

make your own wrapping paper - draw pictures on brown paper

I love the unique look of child-coloured wrapping paper for gifts and it doubles as an activity the kids enjoy too.  You can get a roll of brown (Kraft) paper from places like Officeworks, Kmart, Target, BIG W and stationery stores.  30 metres cost about $15 so it goes a long way. Colourful Wrapping Brown paper Felt pens, ballpoint pen, pencils, oil pastels, and crayons all work. Paint also works but there that extra step of … [Read more...]

Washi Tape Bunting Invitations

Washi Tape Bunting Invitations

Bunting is an adorable decoration theme that can be used for babies right up to adults! To introduce the bunting theme into the celebrations, make a simple invitation using Washi Tape. Materials Card stock (size of choice) Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape (colours of choice) Black permanent marker Scissors Instructions 1. Draw a line across the corner or top (wherever you would like the bunting to go) of the card with permanent … [Read more...]

Washi Tape Party Bags

Washi Tape Party Bags

Make cute party bags for the guests to take home with some goodies.  It's easy to theme bags to match your party colour scheme.   Materials Small white (or other light coloured) bags Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape (colours of choice) Permanent Marker Scissors 1. Draw a line across the corner (wherever you would like the bunting to go) of the bags with permanent marker. 2. Cut triangles out of Washi Tape … [Read more...]

Washi Tape Bunting Wrapping Paper

Bunting Wrapping Paper

This is an adorable gift wrapping idea that's a little different than your standard bow. A few of these gifts look gorgeous sitting on a themed party table. It's simple enough for kids to make too. Materials Brown Kraft paper Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape (colours of choice) Twine (or you can use a permanent market instead) Scissors  Instructions 1. Tie a section of twine around the present where you want the bunting to … [Read more...]