A Child-Sized City, Run by Kids: KidZania in Dubai

KidZania - Dubai - a child-sized city run by kids, for kids

I adore the concept behind the edutainment (entertainment and education) facility KidZania, because it’s about harnessing what children do naturally: role-playing. I know my children would be fully engrossed in this place. Not just entertained, but engaged. And that is why I wanted to write an entire post about it.  What is Kidzania? Essentially, KidZania […]

10 Ways to Entertain Kids on a Road Trip

Road Trip Games

Road Trips. Driving holidays. Four-wheel-drive adventures. Exploring days. We do it all as much as we can as a family.  There is huge list of (non-tech) ways to entertain kids here, and if you’re looking for the top 10 games to play on a road trip, below are the winners! Image used with permission from Party […]

DIY Miniature Grassy Hill in the Backyard

DIY Mini grass mound for the backyard

Our family lived in Toowoomba (situated on the crest of the Great Dividing Range about 2 hours from Brisbane) for a year when my husband was training there…it would be 5 years ago now!  It’s such a lovely spot to raise a family.  David Howell practices as a Naturopath & Nutritionist in Toowoomba, and his wife and three children […]

Shoebox Dollhouse

Shoebox Dollhouse

The back to school period means a lot of shoe boxes at our place! They are fabulous for all sorts of things and this time, my daughter and I created a Paris scene dollhouse.  We decided to do two scenes joined together (outside and inside) but just one box on its own is fun too. […]

Shoebox Garage (with Race Ramps)

Shoebox Garage (with ramps)

I threw this together for my son using to shoe box lids and it was a hit. We used the box part to make dollhouses. Materials 2 x shoebox lids 8 x Cardboard rolls (4 for garage and 4 for ramps) Tape Permanent Marker Step 1 With the bottom lid facing upright and the upper […]

DIY Small Doll Bed

How to make a small doll bed

Empty tablet boxes are a great size for small doll beds. Materials A piece of white paper Textured paper (either scrapbook paper or just print a patterned picture on paper) Tape Paper glue 1. Wrap the white piece of paper around the box like you’re wrapping a present. This will become the sheets! 2. Cut […]

Play Ideas for on the Go

Play Idea - Cloud Dough

I have Ash from Sinchies here to share a heap of play ideas you can take with you on the go, on a picnic, travelling, for a birthday party or even just for home. There are so many ways to use Sinchies Reusable Pouches in the kitchen and while cooking and travelling. There are also super fun […]

Paper Doll Crown

paper doll crown

Here’s an idea for those paper doll chains you can get from places like Riot, Spotlight and discount stores: a paper doll crown. A fun idea for harmony day, parties, or as an activity idea. Paper Doll Crown My kids used colouring pens and washi tape to decorate the people, then simply taped the ends together to make […]

Stick Bow & Arrow

Stick Bow & Arrow

The good thing about school holidays is the extended periods of time for the kids to create extensive and elaborate games.  My daughter made these props for a spy game she was playing with her siblings.  And it actually works! How creative. What ingenuity!  (Yes, we did have rules surrounding this for safety). My daughter made it […]

Quirky Photo Booth Printable

Photo Booth Printable

Photo booths are so much fun for birthday parties, sleepovers and family gatherings.  I had this idea of making a photo booth printable to share in time for New Year’s Eve so I asked my talented friend Marie to create me a template with these items: Top hat Glasses Unicorn horn (best!) Tiara 2 x moustache 2 x […]

How to Photograph Sparkler Writing (and turn them into cards)

All you need is love

“Now THAT was a hit,” said my husband after the kids were in bed. Experimenting with sparklers was a fun activity for our family.  Safety Sparklers can be a hazard so my husband and I were careful to instruct and monitor our children during this activity. Camera Settings Sparkler photos are simple enough to create if you […]

Paper Play Mat

Paper Play Hall Runner

I used brown craft paper for my Christmas wrapping this year. I love having this stuff in the house for all sorts of things, from birthday wrapping to protecting tables. It can also be used for play.  This school holidays, I lay down a few sheets on the lino with tape and the kids drew in […]

Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Sponsored by 3M Pretty up that Christmas wrapping using cheap brown paper and a variety of decorative tape. These wrapping ideas are deceptively simple and affordable, and the end product looks fantastic! There are a wide variety of Scotch® Expressions Tape available to mix and match for different projects. To make all of the wrapping […]

Outdoor Christmas Ideas

Outdoor Christmas Table Setting

When I shared this setting last year, people gasped, “How could you take all that glass outside!” and “Oh, I would never do that with kids because they would break everything!” Well, let me tell you, all the tableware, including the clear pieces are ALL plastic, and it all fits in a few tough tubs […]