Paddle Pop Christmas Decorations

Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations - Paddle Pop Stick Christmas Tree

Homemade Christmas Decorations – with paddle pop sticks Each year I crack out the same Christmas decorations – the same as everyone else has on their tree. Sometimes I might splurge on different coloured decorations or a new set of lights but the decorations are so generic that it would be great to have something different […]

Sharing Toys You Loved With Your Kids

All Stars Midge Barbie 1990 Doll - in box

Earlier this year, I did a campaign with Barbie because I love Barbie. There’s often a bit of contention around the doll, personally, my stance aligns with what my Occupational Therapist friend Nicole wrote in this post about the importance of play and allowing kids the freedom to gravitate to toys that engage them (within […]

DIY Box Christmas Fireplace – Create Magic for Kids

Make a faux fireplace out of boxes - such a fun idea for Christmas

This Christmas, Santa can arrive the traditional way, through this simple faux fireplace, made out of cardboard boxes. It is very easy to assemble, and the end result is magical!  It’s a simple way to make the house festive and fun. Materials: five rectangular cardboard boxes, evenly sized paint, any colour packing tape (strong tape) […]

Ice Cream Playdough – It looks real!

Ice cream Play Dough

This activity was so much more fun than I even expected, and it kept the kids entertained for over an hour. The dough is very easy to make and surprising realistic. It scoops exactly like real ice cream, and with a bit of added colouring, you can turn it into your favourite ‘flavours’. I love […]

Melted Snowman Biscuits

Christmas Food Ideas - Melted Snowman Biscuits

MELTED SNOWMAN BISCUITS It is that time of year and soon we will be bombarded with end of year parties, kindergarten get-togethers, endless parties and family gatherings. Are you always stuck with – “bring a platter or something to share?” Here is a cute little idea that the kids will go bonkers over. I usually […]

Family Christmas Tradition

Christmas family tradition

Catching the train or bus to the Myer Centre at Christmas time has always been one of my favourite childhood memories. Going to the city was a big deal back then. We would wear our best clothes, and Mum would warn us to use our best manners! My mother and grandmother, two sisters and I […]

Use Nature in Drawings

Use nature as inspiration in drawings

This is a simple and beautiful drawing activity. Collect nature items from the backyard and use them as props in drawings.  Below are a few petal dress pictures done by Miss 9 and Miss 11.  The lovely drawings below were created by Fiona Chandler for Be A Fun Mum.  Ideas A simple drawing activity Photograph pictures and print […]

Children’s Christmas Table

Recycle magazines to make a gorgeous kid friendly table centrepiece

Christmas is a time for family and celebration. There’s wonderful opportunity to establish family traditions that are enjoyed and remembered for years to come. If you’re having Christmas at your place, and are looking for kid friendly table ideas, here’s a way to set up a table that is fun, cheap, and easy to clean up. […]

50 Kids Party Food Ideas!

Kids Birthday Party Food Ideas

I love planning and preparing for my children’s birthday parties. I usually ask my kids to pick a theme, and we then plan the food and games around that theme. We’ve had fairy parties, farm parties, Lego parties, Star Wars parties and cowgirl parties! The possibilities are endless and we’ve previously featured a rainbow themed […]

Peg Angel Christmas Decoration

Christmas Craft - How to make a Peg Angel Christmas Decoration

I adore peg dolls. It’s easy to make an angel doll you can use as a decoration for the Christmas tree. You can find more peg doll tutorials here: Pirate Peg Doll, Mermaid Peg Doll, Ballerina Peg Doll.  These are a lovely gift idea for teachers (write the child’s name and year under the skirt […]

Gingerbread People

Gingerbread Recipe - Gingerbread man

Who doesn’t love gingerbread? These delicious cookies are easy to make and keep for a long time.   You can even freeze them (prior to decorating) to always have them on hand and actually, they are even better if you eat them straight from the freezr – cold and crunchy! To make my life easier, I […]

Stretchy Slime

Slime/Silly Putty - a great sensory activity for kids

This is the most fun we have had with a sensory play activity in ages and is perfect with Halloween just around the corner.   I must admit it has the been frustrating for me as I tried so many different ingredients and methods to come up with the one that we thought was the best. But […]

Pirate Peg Doll

How to make a Pirate Peg Doll

This activity is really very simple. Most of it is simply drawing details on. I gave it to my almost-12-year-old and she did everything herself.   Materials Felt (or light card) Texta / Ball point pen Wooden Peg (You can get them from places like Spotlight) Craft/Hot Glue Scissors 1. Draw a pirate hat shape out […]

Playdough Nature Landscapes

nature craft - playdough nature landscapes

Nature landscapes with playdough I love anything to do with nature and especially craft activities that get the kids out there amongst it. In this activity we created nature landscapes using playdough as the base to keep it all together. I really enjoyed doing this with my children and watching them all work together to […]