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Together with Eden from Edenland, Carly from Smaggle, Mischo Baranovic and Joy from World Vision, I had the opportunity to visit different parts of India, to see first hand, the innovative development and inspiring community driven change fostered by World Vision projects.

I went to India, because the opportunity, the burden, the privilege, was given to me, and many children around the world don’t have the opportunities my children take for granted. Every. Single. Day.  Perhaps in some small way, I can be a voice for those children whose smiles may not come so easy.

You can read all my posts relating to the trip to India by clicking on the respective titles below.

India: BIG News to Share

I'm off to India.

India: I'll Carry this Picture With Me

Leaving my kids was harder than I thought it would be.

India: Hands and Hearts

Visiting an empowered group of child journalists.

India: Look up

India's skyline.

India: This post is in black and white

This post is in black and white because it needed to be. One of the hardest days in India.

India: Missing

Missing my kids.

India: Come visit the farm

From the slums around Dehli to rural parts of Central India.

India: The Power of Women Together

This day, made me feel very glad to be a woman.

India: This Post is in Colour

India is an interesting and complex place. I spoke about the grey days, where I put on my black and white glasses to get through the day. And yet, there is a lot of beauty in India, and in this post, I’ve catpured some of the joy in the form of colour.

India: This is Lucky

Incredible. Meeting my sponsor child.

India: Lost in Dehli (it's a long story)

The day I got lost in Dehli, and how it turned into the perfect last day in Dehli.


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