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I believe making a difference is something we can all do, and it’s less about giving and more about an attitude, and I’ve realised this more fully as I’ve put it into practice, here on my blog and in my everyday life. Making a difference for me is about opening my eyes with compassion, to see people as people; looking for opportunities to give as I live my life with joy and being fearless in following through. To just do it.  I realise, that, so very often, it’s my own fear that holds me from kindness.

Below are some of the posts about this journey.  A highlight for me was my trip to India with World Vision.

Look Beyond

Looking for opportunities to use my blog for social good.

Games Inspired from Around the World

7 Wonderful games inspired from around the world.

The Power of Me Starts with Me

Blog Action Day 2012.

I almost told her no

About compassion.

World Vision Trip to India

This was not only a highlight of my blogging, but of my life.

I Run, Because I Care

I trained and ran in my frist ever 5K race to raise money for World Vision Australia



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