Pip is Kelly's 12-year-old daughter. She loves making up elaborate games for her two younger siblings, making stop motion videos, writing stories and creating all day long.

Mini Habitats

Backyard Play - make mini habitats

This activity and post is entirely kid-made. I had nothing to do with any of it. Photographs and this post was done by my 12-year-old. The set up was created by my 8, 10 and 12 year old. Such an easy activity for the backyard. Mini habitats are a wonderful way to get creative. You just […]

Design Your Own Treasure Map

Treasure Map Printable for Kids

Treasure Map Printable from Tim Vandevall This is a quick and fun activity. It can be used for parties, games, just for fun and much more. Print the page and decorate it with whatever you want; it can be displayed as a invitation or a map. I think adding features like sea dragons, north, south, east and […]

Gravity Defying Cake (with Skittles & Maltesers)

How to make a gravity defying cake

I have recently been watching MyCupcakeAddiction on YouTube. I love the ideas and creativity shown on this channel. I also love baking, and for my 12th birthday, I wanted something that was fun and imaginative. I came across gravity defying cakes, where the special effect makes the lolly packets look like they are in mid air while […]

Pirate Peg Doll

How to make a Pirate Peg Doll

This activity is really very simple. Most of it is simply drawing details on. I gave it to my almost-12-year-old and she did everything herself.   Materials Felt (or light card) Texta / Ball point pen Wooden Peg (You can get them from places like Spotlight) Craft/Hot Glue Scissors 1. Draw a pirate hat shape out […]

Chatterbox Critters

Chatterbox Critters

The kids are loving chatterboxes at the moment. My daughter Pip made little critters puppets out of them too and she is sharing how. 1. Follow the instruction here on how to make a chatterbox here (or watch the video below). 2.Then take the two bottom corners of the chatterbox, and fold the triangle back into […]

Book Review: Bully On the Bus

Bully on the Bus Book Review

Kathryn Apel (@KatApel) and I connected on Twitter a couple of years ago.  We tried to work out how we initially found each other there but couldn’t remember!  Just recently, we met in person when we were passing through the same town at the same time.  It was beyond lovely! Here we are! You may recognise the […]

Tween Activity: Make a Personalised Fantasy Picture

Activity for tweens: how to remove the background of a photo in Powerpoint

As my children get older, I realise there aren’t many activity ideas for the tween/teen age.  I often think and look for fun activities for my older children, however I also find with some kids (like Miss 10) it’s simply a matter of facilitating their interests. Miss 10 loves drama, stop animation and generally creating stuff, […]

Fun for Older Kids: Create Stop Motion on Powerpoint

Stop Motion on Powerpoint

Our family uses technology for all kinds of things, not just entertainment.  I wanted to share a stop motion project Miss 10 has been working on since she was 9 years old. So, that’s over a year! As the kids get older, I find it’s important to engage them on a more detailed level and […]

Nature Craft: Experimenting with Nature Boats

One afternoon, the kids and I headed out to a magical spot and experimented making nature boats to see which design worked best.  Such a simple and beautiful activity. Bark Boat Ideas Click the picture for more Bark Boat ideas More Bark Boat Ideas 105 Ways to Enjoy Nature with Kids Nature Craft Boat Ideas