Nicole is a privately practicing Occupational Therapist (OT) in Brisbane, Queensland and mother to 2 beautiful girls.

Games for Cooperation and Collaboration

Build A Cubby Kit

  Two Fun Games for Cooperation and Collaboration Have you noticed how much time our kids spend by themselves these days in comparison to years gone by? When families were generally bigger and neighbours knew each other, there were so many more opportunities for kids to get together to be kids. The games we used […]

Word Games Ideas

Word Games

Mastering spelling, learning sight words and developing other literacy skills is a big job for kids in the early years at school. You might find you are just as daunted as they are by the big list of words they bring home, and you might be thinking – where do we start?! It’s amazing how […]

Turn Your Images into Magnets

sticky9 Magnet Wall Frame Review

There are a lot of fun way to turn your photos into fun and decorative features for the home. I like Sticky9 products, and there are many fab products in the range that make wonderful Christmas presents, including posters, tablet covers, magnets, magnetic wall frame, square prints and cards, reusable stickers and phonebooks.    Featured below: Poster, Prints   […]

Family Christmas Tradition

Christmas family tradition

Catching the train or bus to the Myer Centre at Christmas time has always been one of my favourite childhood memories. Going to the city was a big deal back then. We would wear our best clothes, and Mum would warn us to use our best manners! My mother and grandmother, two sisters and I […]

Let Them Play

Let them play - the importance of allowing children to play

by Nicole Grant Gateway Therapies Parenting: It’s Kids Play! Much-loved and well-respected child development and parenting expert Maggie Dent recently published an eBook of advice from experts and parents on important things parents should know about raising pre-school aged children. The eBook “Tips from the Professionals for Parents of Pre-Schoolers” was inspired by a Facebook […]

Drawing and Development

Drawing and Development in Children

Guest post from Nicole from Gateway Therapies I once wrote a post here on handwriting, where I explained the elements of handwriting and how to help your kids get better at it. Four years later I still maintain that handwriting is terribly important, and it’s probably time we explored an essential prerequisite. Most toddlers love […]

Teach a Child to Remember Their Phone Number

Teaching a child to remember their phone number - tips from an Occupational Therapist

The average person can store up to seven digits (numbers) in their short-term memory. I remembered this fact when my 6-year-old came home from school with a note advising that she was required to learn and recall her personal details, including her phone number. This was all part of a safety unit the class was undertaking. In […]

Disney and Pixar are Raising my Kids!

Pixar Alphabet by Mike Boon

Guest Post by Occupational Therapist, Nicole Grant Disney and Pixar are raising my kids, and I’m OK with that. My two children are pretty big fans of animated movies. Like most 5 and 6 year olds, they’ve more recently been waving their arms dramatically in the air, conjuring castles and sun-loving snowmen. There’s been a […]

Play Baking: An Experiment

play baking

Guest Post by Nicole Grant from Gateway Therapies Play Baking: An Experiment “Let’s do science!” says my 6-year-old Preppie, who had been recently introduced to this subject area at school. I kind of groaned. After a messy morning, which included sandy feet from a trip to the beachside park, a putty incident, and toast, I […]

Finding the line: Ensure Safety | Allow Experimentation


Guest Post from Nicole from Gateway Therapies Is that such a good idea? I was recently watching my girls, aged 3 and 4, play in a designated area at the local shopping centre. On an elevated patch, slightly away from the road and the thoroughfare of the restaurants, this area had two pieces of play […]

iReview: iPad

ipad games review

iReview: iPad — Post by Nicole Grant I knew I needed an iPad as soon as I saw them. I am not usually one to embrace new technology so quickly, however these were exceptional circumstances. This device was like my much-loved iPhone. But bigger! Little did I realise how much a part of our every […]

A Monster Problem: Children and Anxiety

anxiety in children -- is anxiety normal or healthy?

Guest post by Nicole from Gateway Therapies DISCLAIMER: The following post is entirely the thoughts and opinion of the author. Any surveys or interviews have been conducted independently and are not linked to any other research being undertaken by the author. The responses from the survey participants have been de-identified for protection of privacy. A […]

Children and Coping with Transitions

coping with transitions children

Guest Post by Nicole Grant With some major natural disasters and political events occurring in Australia and around the world recently, there has been much discussion about how kids learn to process and cope with major change. As parents, we generally understand that children will need help to adjust to change and disruption to their […]

I Can Do It!

baby eating messy soup

This post is by Nicole Grant I can do it!  Both my 22-month-old and 3-year-old have been finding new ways to assert their independence lately. My toddler has mastered using a spoon, and even tries to use one to eat her sandwiches! And my preschooler is so proud that she can now reach the tap to wash […]