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Welcome to my Instagram Photo Gallery.  You can follow me on instagram by searching for my username: beafunmum.   All the photographs (below) were taken on my iphone 4.  Taking pictures for me is like writing an entire blog post; one image says so much.   To read the photograph captions, hover your mouse of the picture. You can visit my regular photography gallery here: Love the Moment Gallery, browse my photography posts here: Be Captivating — Photography or read the Make the Most of Your Mobile Phone Camera post.

watching my son play

i see lines

driving past

we made itsun burstThe kiss attackpearls are prettytaking a moment


  1. Wendy McKay says

    Hey Kel, Thailand photos are just beautiful. I’m glad you had a wonderful time. The photo of J in the no sew tutu is the most divine photo of a child (other than my own) that I have seen. Such innocence and sweetness. I truly miss her and it lightens my heart when she is happy to see me. I see you’ve been sucked in by Kitty D’Amour as well. Did you only get the pearls? I want so much in there but can’t fit into most of it. What’s Instagram???? I obviously need it to take photos like this or can I just hire you? Wendy xx

    • says

      I’m so glad I took my “big” camera (not just my iphone) to Thailand. Trying to catch some of the magic!

      J is such a delight to photograph; you know what she is like: she has so much personality and sweetness, and I love that I was able to capture that forever. She misses you too (and I do too!)…but she is doing really well so far.

      I so TOTALLY love Kitty D’Amour! But, yes — the pearls are just about the only thing that fit — HA! I wore them to an annual blogger event earlier this year. They made my black dress look a million bucks. Here they are in action ( Love them!

      All these photos I took on my iphone. Instagram is a free iphone mobile app that you apply different filters to your photos…it’s sort of a facebook for photography. If you have an iphone, give it a go!

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