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Julie Miller is a Speech Pathologist, wife, mother and blogger. She has worked in private practice, community health and early intervention programs since graduating in 2000. Julie is on maternity leave from her current part-time Speech Pathology role. She is enjoying spending time with her baby girl (9 months) and two bigger kids (2 years and 3 years). Julie blogs at  The Useful Box.

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Communication in Children: 12 months to 24 months

Communication in Children: 2-3 years

Communication in Children: 3-4 years

Communication in Children: Development of Speech Sounds: 0-5 years


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    If you feel your accent is interfering with your daily communication, a speech pathologist is able to help you. They can complete an assessment on your current speech patterns, and then provide you with the information and feedback you need to improve your English pronunciation.

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    One in almost seven Australians has some forms of communication disabilities that are affecting their lives daily. This means that one in seven people has difficulties understanding other people or being understood by people. These difficulties include multiple problems with speaking, understanding what people say, reading, writing, voice problems and stuttering.

    Rebekah Sue, the founder of Designed 2 Shine Speech Pathology in Box Hill Melbourne, is a registered speech pathologist with more than 5 years experience. Designed 2 Shine Speech Pathology was launched in 2011 with a dream to enhance the quality of life of many individuals, children and adults alike, by improving their communication abilities. As an accomplished speech pathologist from Australia, she works with a diverse group of people from diverse backgrounds and places including Community Health centres, Hospitals and Outreach services centres, to name a few. She also has the experience of working at an orphanage in South-East Asia.

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    How much time did it take u to create “Julie Miller: Speech Pathologist” T I S ?
    It seems to have an awful lot of decent material. Thank you ,Esther

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