Be A Fun Mum began because I wasn’t a fun mum.

But I wanted to be.

I knew I wanted to craft a family life of value, and to have a happening family that will give our children many wonderful memories. So I decided to start a blog and the name was the goal for myself.

But what is the blog actually about?

Well Be A Fun Mum isn’t a craft or activity blog. It’s a blog about connection and designing family life.

Yes, there is craft. Yes, there are fun activities, and recipes, DIY projects and stories, but that’s not what this blog is about.

It’s about being a mother.

It’s about being a mother who embraces who she is.

It’s about being a mother who embraces who she is, and celebrates others.

It’s about being a mother who embraces who she is, and celebrates others, and reflects the joy that freedom brings.


It’s about being a mother who is free.

Free to love. Free to laugh. Free to be.


And where does fun come into it? Fun. Fun comes in all shapes and forms.  What one person finds fun can be completely different than another. And that is why this blog, Be A Fun Mum, isn’t about craft or paint or collage, or birthday parties.  It’s about finding your own way to be fun with your kids.  It’s about being a fun family who does stuff: who experiences life together.

Being a fun mum isn’t an hour dedicated to paint in the backyard. It’s about creating a life of memories (which — sure — might include painting in the backyard). It’s the ability to take the time, to waste time with little ones as you watch a lady bug fly.  It’s walking arm in arm with your teen, laughing, not because of the moment but what it represents: an investment in relationship over years and years.  It’s about finding ways to connect, when things aren’t all that fun.

Be a Fun Mum is an attitude, not something you do.

You’ll find this blog to more mum-centred than kid-centred. For example, I shared a DIY Play Tablecloth the kids and I made on school holidays. It was a massive hit with the kids (they were at it for hours) and it was easy for me because I’ve learned to pick the right moments for these sorts of activities.  It’s that sort of balance I aim to bring to the blog (because sometimes you’re not in the right head space for glitter, glue and paint!).

If I had to sum up the blog in one sentence, I would say it’s about discovering the joy of motherhood in a fast-paced world by loving the little moments which are like pieces of a puzzle, together over time creating a beautiful masterpiece. 

You may like to read more about me, see the FAQs, meet the Be A Fun Mum Team, follow me on Facebook, read 10 Ways to Be A Fun Mum or 100 Ways to Be A Fun Mum, find out why you should embrace the mother you are, or store up tips for when it’s not fun. print a love the moment poster or look around the blog. I write posts 3-7 times a week so check back regularly.  If you like what you see you can subscribe to posts via email or RSS feed on the left side bar or on BlogLovin, plus there’s my monthly newsletter too.

I believe creating a happy childhood for my children is like gifting them little memory anchors that can be drawn on throughout their entire life.  To achieve this, our mission as a family is to be amazing in the moments we have and to delight in all the wonders in them.

be amazing quote -- kelly Burstow - beafunmum.com


I love nature, and seek to join the dots with the world around me as I live.

I’m into simple, rustic food.

I do (easy) craft, but it’s less about craft and more about value.

There’s personal posts here, where I share stories and thoughts about motherhood.

I’m an adventurer — a truth seeker — with a desire to connect meaningfully with those I meet on this varied path I walk.

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I use different social media channels for different things and below is a quick summary.

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Where You’ll Find Me

Aside from this blog, you can also find me:

  • Running networking workshops on social media, small business and blogging in Brisbane with Good Conversations.
  • Writing travel posts for Brisbane Kids
  • On Radio: 612 ABC Parenting Panel and 96Five
  • Featured in online and in-print media, including Pumpkin Patch, World Vision, Huggies, Talking Mums, Woman’s Day, New Idea, Mother & Baby Magazine, Coles, KleenexMums, Indulge eMagazine, Sydney Morning Herald, The Courier Mail & RedBalloon
  • Advocating as a World Vision Blog Ambassador & working with other NGOs like Save the Children
  • Editing the Cakes To Make website (live soon)

Cool Things I’ve Done

  • Traveled to New Zealand, Thailand, Africa, India and Laos
  • Participated in the World Record for the Longest Catwalk with Ecco Shoes
  • Met my World Vision sponsor child
  • Interviewed The Wiggles, Fashion Designer Peter Morrissey, TV personality Tara Dennis, Celebrity Chef George Calombaris, Masterchef 2011 Winner Kate Bracks, swimmer Kieren Perkins.

Leave a comment to let me know you were here or contact me.

Please note

Use your own judgement or obtain advice from a relevant professional to decide what activities and ideas are appropriate for you and you family. I do not accept any responsibility for injury sustained as a result of following the suggestions contained within the content of this blog.

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  1. Catriona sharp says

    Oh Kelly. What a joy to look around your newly designed site. It is such a pleasure to call you my friend. I am so proud of you for Persuing this dream and having the boldness to keep going. I love you so much and miss you every day. I pray that one day you will move house to follow a job, and when your neighbour knocks on the door with cookies to welcome you, it will be me…I am learning in my own way that even less ‘crazy’ (sorry. You know what I mean) people can be Fun Mums. I used to think it was ok for people like you who just bounce through life and know how to have fun, because it is who you are. But I am learning to be who I am and enjoy who my kids are. It helps that they are older and I am rising out of the baby fog that blanketed my way for so long. You are an inspiration and a blessing to so many. I pray for you everything I think of you. I ask God to bless you and for you to feel Him close by to pick you up or pat you on the back if that’s what you need. For him the be the friend that I would like to be if we lived closer to each other. You know I’d do your washing for you if I came over for a cuppa. Miss you Kel. Hugs to your man an little peeps. Cate

    • says

      My beautiful friend!

      I miss you Cate. Wouldn’t it be nice if our paths came close together again one day soon. You’re gorgeous Cate. Don’t change. Always be you. You’re beautiful. And so is your family. xxxxx

  2. CARA MORETTI says

    congratulatyions, I went to highschool at kelvin grove and sharon was in my greade, you were always such beautiful happy girls and you have a grown into a beautiful wife, mother and entrepraneour !! congratulations

  3. rebecca wolfson says

    hey kelly
    i recieved all the fun gifts you sent to my kids and for me. you went so above and beyond. the kids had so much fun opening the package and seeing all the goodies inside! they were all so wonderful!

    thanks so much!!
    rebecca wolfson

  4. says

    Holy snappers, you ARE a fun mum! I’m excited just looking at all the creative ideas you have on this great site, wishing my 2 year old was a little bit older……or perhaps I can just start our memory box and by the time he’s into it it will be a treasure chest of fantastic did bits to sprawl all over the lounge!
    I adore your term ‘memory anchors’….it’s so true. So true! I’ll be coming back for rainy day fun times with you, Mrs Kelly. Bet your bottom dollar!

  5. says

    Hello Kelly,
    I have been meaning to email you for ages. I just want to say your amazing!
    I absolutely love everything that you do, what an inspiring women you are. I am also a very hands on mum too and have stayed at home with my two littlies five and six and have played and dressed up and done craft, but to see your blogs and Facebook comments you keep things fresh and new. A big thank you!
    I am now starting a Facebook business with a bit of a differnece. It’s for Mums,sisters, daughters and friends. It’s care packages in the post. If you get a chance I would love your comments. I don’t know if it’s something you would want to comment on on your blogg but a personal email back would do.
    Thanks for your time.
    And big thanks with helping me out when I run out of things to do with the kids.
    Warm regards
    Bridget xx

  6. says

    Hi Kelly – I’ve just found you. I’m writing a blog post thing morning on organising kids, and was checking the grammar! Your post came up! I’ll be subscribing. Looks like I’ll enjoy your blog. Jo

  7. says

    Hi there, I’d like to share with you my blog – I can’t see a white light but I know I’m about to die. Written about my twin pregnancy with Preeclampsia. It’s taken me over two and a half year to put this experience on paper. I hope you share it so it may help other ladies in a similar situation. Tova x

  8. says

    You’ve made some good points there. I looked on the internet to learn more about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this website.

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