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little parenting stories

It was like the midday sun had teeth, the way it bit into my skin. We huddled, my ones and I, under an awning, willing for shade to cover us as we waited for a bus. One daughter asked if I would braid her hair while we waited, pulling a brush from her backpack. I stepped into the hot sun, adjusting the brim of my hat out as I positioned myself behind her seated form; the shade was not ample to cover both of us this way. I began to tackle her mane, making use of our wait time. 

The next moment, a shadow of cool provided relief to my form, while my hands were still full of honey brown hair. I tilted my head and noticed my tall husband had positioned himself between the sun and my back. The act of selflessness, of protection, of kindness, of thoughtfulness, made me feel so loved, and I felt overwhelmed for a moment. 

“Thank you,” I said softly and he smiled. And I continued with my weaving. 

Later I thought, what a beautiful essence of family in that moment. Him facilitating me, as I facilitated my daughter. For sure, there are a lot of rough patches amongst the joy, but yes, let’s keep striving for the type of love that has your back.

This first appeared on the BAFM Facebook page and you can see it here.


Little Stories

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