3 Easy Christmas Biscuit Ideas

This week is the last week of school for my eldest daughter and on Wednesday I have to take a plate to share for the end of school party break up.

I love baking a storm this time of year, but to be honest, it’s been so hot this week in Brisbane, I haven’t wanted to put the oven on.

Instead, I’ve been creative with pre-bought biscuits, melted chocolate and lollies.

I’ve put together 3 fun Christmas Biscuit ideas that you can quickly whip up for when you’re asked to bring a plate to share. All you have to do is buy the ingredients and put it all together.

These biscuits would also make a fun school holiday activity before Christmas. Although be prepared for the kids to eat the lollies while they make the biscuits. Mine did.

3 christmas biscuit ideas

1. Rudolph Biscuits

I’ve seen these biscuits circulating social media in the last week or so. These are my fun take on the Rudolph biscuit. All you need is a packet of arrowroot biscuits, melted chocolate, pretzels, raspberry lollies and white chocolate chips.

rudolph biscuits ingredients

Simply spread the melted chocolate on the biscuit, break your pretzel in half for the antlers and add a red raspberry for the nose and two chocolate chips for eyes. I have seen other recipes use Tiny Teddies as the antlers and strawberries and cream for the nose. Use what you have in your cupboard or buy what you know your kids will eat.

rudolph biscuits

2. Christmas Tree Biscuits

This is a fun design and so easy to create. All you need is some arrowroot biscuits, melted chocolate, peppermint M & M’s and a star from the Frozen cereal which I bought from Woolworths in the cereal aisle.

Christmas Tree Biscuits

Spread the melted chocolate on the biscuit, add green M&M’s to form a triangle shape for the tree and add the star on top. These look truly effective for Christmas and the kids will love them. Just be aware of peanut allergies for this one when using M&M’s.

christmas tree biscuits

3. Star Tartlets

For a fun and festive biscuit, these star tartlets not only taste delicious, they look like a lot of effort has gone into making them. But they only require 3 ingredients to make. All you need is a packet of strawberry tart biscuits, some melted chocolate and some pre-made chocolate stars which you can buy in the baking section of Woolworths.

star tarlets

Put a dab of melted chocolate in the middle of the tart and add the star and your biscuit is DONE.

Christmas biscuits star tartlets

Why not create all three biscuits to put on a plate to share? I can guarantee you won’t be taking any biscuits home with you.

Christmas biscuit ideas

Christmas Ideas for Kids

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