Turn Kids Drawings Into Clothes


If you’ve got a child who is always scribbling and doodling, you can now turn their creative designs into a piece of clothing that they can wear with pride.

The concept was launched in August this year by Picture This Clothing, and the new company has since been flooded with orders.

Girls can have their designs printed on a simple shift dress, made out of a lightweight cotton-poly blend fabric (similar to a quality t-shirt material). You can even order a matching outfit to be made for their favourite doll! Check out some of the drawn versus completed designs below.

Turn kids drawings into clothes

New designs and options for boys coming soon

Due to the immense popularity of the “design your own dresses”, Picture This Clothing are planning to soon launch “design your own t-shirts” for girls and boys too. There’s also plans to offer other clothing designs and options, including adult sizes.

The items of clothing are all custom printed, cut and sewn to order in Las Vegas in the United States. They are machine washable and are guaranteed not to shrink. Currently, dresses are retailing for $49, plus international postage of $15 (US dollars).

How to order your designer dress

  1. Visit the Picture This Clothing website and get inspired.
  2. Print the dress template.
  3. Let your little fashionista create their own unique design on the template.
  4. Take a high quality photograph of the completed template.
  5. Place your order online – check measurements and choose size.
  6. Allow approximately two weeks for delivery.
  7. Let your child wear their imagination on the outside!
  8. Share your child’s unique design on social media with the hashtag #picturethisclothing.

Turn kids drawings into clothes

Design your own outfit – the perfect gift

Children of all ages will get a thrill out of receiving their package in the mail, and opening it to find that their artwork has been transformed into a piece of clothing they can wear. It’s also perfect for:

  • Christmas outfits – deck the kids’ out in their uniquely designed Christmas dresses and t-shirts. They’ll be so proud of their special designs!
  • Gift Certificates – if you know a child who is difficult to buy for, this could be the perfect birthday or Christmas gift.
  • School holiday activity – when boredom hits, get the kids working on their own designer label of clothing!

For inspiration, check out the designs that other children have created on the Picture This Clothing website and Facebook page.

Turn kids drawings into clothes

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