Easy Napkin Bow Ties for Father’s Day

Every year for Father’s Day, I get my girls to hand-make something for their dad. It’s only fair if I get a dried pasta necklace, dad should also receive his own masterpiece. And let’s be honest, these gifts are usually the most appreciated because of the love involved in creating them.

While school or kindy may organize a Father’s Day craft (and stall) for the school aged children, the kids that stay at home require a bit of guidance when creating their own gift.

These easy napkin bow ties are the perfect homemade gift for dad. Adult help will definitely be needed, but the whole activity can be done within 10 minutes using items you might already have in your house.

Napkin bow ties father's day

Fun For

  • Father’s Day
  • Just Because
  • Dress Ups
  • School holidays


  • Napkins in funky patterns (we used 16.5cm square napkins)
  • 1.5 meters of ribbon (we used 2.5cm wide satin ribbon)
  • Stapler (not pictured)
  • Scissors
father's day napkin bow ties


  1. Fold your napkin in half.
  2. Pinch the middle of the napkin to create a bow shape.
  3. Staple the middle of the bow so it stays in shape.
  4. Cut your ribbon to 150cm.
  5. Tie your ribbon around the middle of the napkin.
  6. Dangle the ends so they can be used to tie the bow tie around dad’s neck. (You may need to cut the ribbon once tied)
fold napkinpinch napkin bow tiebow tie with ribbontie ribbonfather's day bow tiefather's day bow tiefather's day napkin bow ties
Once you make one, it is a lot of fun to make different designs.
napkin bow tiesMaggie and Bec Father's Day


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