Decorate Bobby Pins

Nail polish can be a useful decorating tool, and not just for nails. For example, one time my daughter and her friend made washer necklaces by painting them with nail polish, and you can find the tutorial here: Washer Necklace. Another way to use nail polish is to paint bobby pins for a simple and sweet hair style. This is a fun idea if you have a particular outfit you want to accessorise (and even match it to nail polish too). 

For best affect, the colour of the nail polish used needs to be light and not clear based (like glitter). So for example white, matte silver, light blue, baby pink/green/yellow work well.  Clear with glitter can be used as a top layer for a bit of sparkle. For darker colours (like red), start with a coat of white and layer on the other colour once it’s dry. 

Pretty Bobby Pins - how to colour your own

Fun for

  • Birthday Party favour bags
  • Special outfit
  • Just for fun
  • School holidays
  • Beauty day
  • Hairdresser play


  • Bobby Pins
  • Nail polish
  • A piece of paper

DIY Bobby Pins


  1. Paint a layer of colour on the flat (not bumpy) side of the bobby pin and allow to dry on paper.
  2. Once dry (takes about 5 minutes), apply another coat. Repeat until desired coverage is desired (2 coats is usually enough).
  3. Slide 3 or 4 into the hair and you have a sweet, easy hair style.

bobby pin hair style


Bobby Pin Hairstyle

If you want other bobby pin hair style inspiration, just google ‘bobby pin hair styles’ or this article is a great place to start: 15 Gorgeous Hairstyles You Can Easily Create With Colored Bobby Pins (one example below).



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