Review of IKEA’s new PÅHL desk – a desk that grows with your kids

Review of IKEA’s new PÅHL desk – a desk that grows with your kids

 IKEA’s new PÅHL desk

IKEA is known worldwide for its innovative and inexpensive flat-packed furniture, usually accompanied by a sheet of self-assembly instructions and an Allan key.

In our family home, we have many pieces of IKEA furniture – partly because of its practicality, but mostly because of its stylish Scandinavian design.

Thanks to its low price tag, I’m not too concerned about my kids damaging the IKEA furniture, yet I don’t feel like I’ve compromised on the interior décor of our home.

And so when IKEA recently launched the new PÅHL series children’s desk in Australia, I was looking forward to trying it out.

IKEA’s new PÅHL desk

PÅHL Desk is available in White, Blue, Green & Pink

Benefits of the IKEA PÅHL desk

My older two children already have IKEA desks in their room, but with my youngest starting school next year, it seemed like the perfect time to install a desk in her bedroom.

Next year she will use it for homework, but in the meantime, she can use it for drawing, playing Lego and reading.

IKEA describes the PÅHL desk as “an innovative, flexible desk solution that has been developed to easily fit into any Aussie home, and to suit the different needs of the family”.

It does this by having three adjustable heights – 59cm, 66cm and 72cm – which cleverly allows the desk to grow with your child.

The assembly of the desk is very straightforward and only takes approximately 20 minutes. We built it at the lowest height, which is perfect for our four year old daughter. When she is older and taller, we can adjust the height using the knobs on the legs of the desk, and it will see her through all her years of schooling.

IKEA’s new PÅHL desk - assembly

IKEA’s new PÅHL desk - assembly

The main benefits of the adjustable PÅHL desk include:

  • The desk will grow with the child, and can be passed from one child to another.
  • You can save money by purchasing one product that will suit all ages and stages.
  • There are add-ons available to purchase, such as shelves, which add to the functionality of the desk.
  • It is available in two widths, to suit your space – either 96cm ($79) or 128cm ($99)
  • You can keep cables and extension cords organised by placing them in the cable holders between the front and back legs.
  • The desk and shelves are available in three colours – white, green and pink.

I also really like the fact that it blends in with the other IKEA furniture in her room – her IKEA bed, bedside table and bookshelf.





IKEA also has a number of desk chairs available to purchase. The ÖRFJÄLL junior chair is the perfect complement to PÅHL and is available for $59. Currently it is only available in black, however it will soon be available in other colours.

For more information about the PÅHL desk, visit the IKEA website, or head to your nearest Ikea Store

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    • says

      Here are the specs. Not sure how wide the legs are apart exactly. Approximately, I would take the 128 cm width and then take off an allowance for the legs.

      Assembled size
      Width: 128 cm
      Depth: 58 cm
      Min. height: 59 cm
      Max. height: 72 cm
      Max. load: 50 kg

  1. Kirsty Ho Fat says

    Do you know the width of the Pahl table legs? I have a fireplace I’d like to fit it across and I’m wondering whether it will reach over! Thanks in advance! x

  2. says

    Excellent product review by Cath Johnson, and I’m sure the blog will go a long way in helping parents get the right kid’s desk for their little one. I completely agree with Cath on the fact that Ikea is one of the best when it comes to kid’s bedroom furniture.

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