Happy Toast

My daughter just had a shower and was in her pyjamas.

“Do you want me to read you a book?” I called out to her from my bedroom. We snugged together on my polka dot bedspread as she handed me Tom Gates Everything’s Amazing (sort of) by L. Pechon. 

By page three, I was starting to get into the style of writing. It was funny, and I began to add voices for different characters described by the narrator, Tom Gates. My husband was close by, and he joined us, snuggling close, also engaged with the humour of the story. THIS is what I love about great books and family life (you can read more about how books work in our family life here).

Everything's Amazing (sort of) by Tom Gates

It was late-ish, so we left it at the first chapter. I turned to my daughter chuckling, “I read that with good expression, didn’t I?” She grinned, and said, “Yes Mum, you did.”

In the morning, I found my daughter making toast from the instruction page in the book. It made me smile. And it works! How wonderful to have books that extend into family life like this! Such a simple and fun idea too. Read on.

Tom Gates Everything's Amazing (sort of) by L. Pechon

How to make your own HAPPY TOAST!

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