The Beauty of Using Essential Oils in the Home

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She was thrilled when she saw the box. It surprised me! One afternoon, I rushed into the chemist for a few things I needed on my way home from a meeting. I remembered a friend recommending a humidifier for my teen with a tendency for eczema and dry skin, so I asked the friendly lady stacking shelves about it. Putting the purchase under my arm, I ran into the local store to grab milk before rushing back home, throwing on a load of washing, and heading back out again to get the kids from school.

“Mum, is this for me?” my daughter asked when she spotted the box I left in the living room in my rush. “Yes!” I smiled at her enthusiasm. We set it up in her room, added a splash of eucalyptus oil and away it puffed. She was so excited and it made me glad. I sometimes get weary, as a mother, of that need everyone has of me. But by the same token I feel so very privileged to care for my little ones, and really, it’s a joy to show love to them in this way.

Eucalyptus & Lavender oils are favourites in the humidifier
Using essential oils in the home

During the past couple of years I started using essentials oils in my home as a way to tend to my tribe and it makes me feel good to tap into nature’s goodness.

There are three main oils I use in the home from Thursday Plantation: Eucalyptus, Lavender and Tea Tree. The oils are are 100% pure and 100% natural, plus Thursday Plantation oils are available in larger bottles too, which is handy because they last for ages, even though I use them so much.

It’s hard to explain why I enjoy using the oils so much… I guess the oils are to me like Windex is to Gus Portokalos in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. With even just these three oils in my arsenal, I can “fix” almost anything!

Like when my daughter fell of her bike and got a nasty graze; I cleaned it with tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic. Or when my son got an ant bite; we pulled out the trusty tea tree oil again to soothe it. Sinus issues with my daughter can be relieved with a bowl of hot water, eucalyptus oil and towel. Then there’s fresh sheet day! It’s even more delicious with a few drops of calming lavender oil on the pillows.

Fresh Sheet Day

Using essentials oils in the home

Using essentials oils in the home

I don’t only use the oils for tending my tribe; they are great for cleaning too. I often get comments from the kids after I wipe the benches down with a microfiber cloth, water and a few drops of eucalyptus oil. It’s the oil I use most for cleaning. The smell takes me back to my own childhood, and the 2-cent eucalyptus lollies mum let me buy as a treat from the tuck shop. Smell is a strong memory anchor, and I trust I’m contributing to creating those little pulls my children will carry with them throughout their life. I like the thought that one day, when they are grown, my children might break open a eucalyptus leaf and remember how our kitchen often smelt after cleaning up a messy family meal and how much they are loved.

I keep bottles of essential oils with my stash in the kitchen

Using essential oils in the home

I think that is the key for me: I use the oils as a tool to care for my family and it’s become an extension of the way I show love to them. It makes me feel like some sort of nurturing ninja, and I need that sometimes! Once I started using them, I realised how versatile the oils are around the home and I’m still finding new ways to use them. There’s heaps of inspiration from the 100 uses for TP website I use for ideas too. If you’ve never used essential oils in the home before, give them a try!


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  1. says

    What a fantastic post and giveaway!! I have been really wanting to learn more about essential oils and also start using them more (like you, agree it feels so good and nurturing to utilise them). I use a couple but would really like to incorporate them into daily life more fully, especially as I slowly rid our home of more toxic alternatives for cleaning, self care, etc.

    One oil I do use and love is Eucalytpus oil. My favourite way is to add a little to our vaporiser at night for anyone who has a cold and congestion. It is incredible how you can go to bed all clogged up and snuffly and rather than waking up even worse (as you usually do), you wake up breathing easily and feeling clear headed, thanks to the power of the eucalyptus oil in the air. It always amazes me!

    Nature is pretty fantastic for providing all this powerful, healing goodness! Even better to utilise it as best we can.

  2. Mary Preston says

    Eucalyptus for sure, not just for koalas you know. The smell is full of memories and good vibes. I love how the Eucalyptus is a naturally antibacterial and works wonders as a disinfectant. Ideal for removing sticky labels and ick too.

  3. Ruth parker says

    I have been using eucalyptus oil in my cleaning and a capful in the washing for years!
    I put a couple of drops on the floor in the shower ( in the corner so I don’t slip) when I have sinus issues. A steamy eucalyptus shower does wonders!

  4. says

    I use all that you mention above but my favourite is Lavender for it’s wonderful smell mostly. I use it for spots on my face, mosquito bites, I rub it on my temples on those days I feel extra stressed and yes, even add it to the water when cleaning the floors sometimes. An added note is that I put my yummy natural soaps in between the pillow slips and sheets in the cupboard so that once they go on the bed, they smell delicious!

  5. Tristy Godman says

    A big fan of eucalyptus oil. Great as an inhalation but also awesome at removing sticky residue from kids and surfaces alike!

  6. Katie says

    I really loved the lavender oil for those sleepless nights while I was pregnant. And used the tea tree for pimples when I was a teen. I would love to see what other oils they have as have only seen these ones at the chemist.

  7. Andrea Stuart says

    My favourite is lavender oil, because of it’s versatility. It is literally good for just about everything around the home, it is great for first aid for kiddos – insect bites, cuts, headaches, sunburn, in a diffuser for antiseptic qualities, helps them sleep…plus it tastes delicious! Lavender lollies and tea and icecream….it really is my favourite ????

  8. Beck says

    At the moment it’s lavender. We have a 4 month old baby. A drop or two on my hand or on a handkerchief near the bassinet is great for settling :)

  9. Lynnette Bull says

    I love and use Eucalyptus Oil the most with Tea Tree coming in a close second.
    Why? I find Eucalyptus the most useful all round oil to keep in the home. Not only does it help keep the home clean and fresh but it helps my families bodies too. Great used for aching muscles, helping out with colds. We love to take the spray with us when we go camping. I use it in the laundry and amongst all the smelly shoes. I feel it can do almost anything even using it as a monster spray at night in my girls bedrooms. I tell them the fragrance keeps the monsters away as it smells to good for monsters

  10. Kathie Woods says

    Lavender oil definitely as it helps my 4 kids to sleep! A few drops in the bath is a night time must to help relax them all before bed time!

  11. says

    LAVENDER – I was a little chuffed when my 17 year old daughter (who’s moved out) called and asked where she can get Lavender from. She just got her ears pierced a second time – she remembered that it was lavender that fixed her friends when they arrived with infections and that the ‘ear spray’ didn’t work on her either.
    I know using essential oils will go on down the generations in our family. It’s such a better way to live.

    I didn’t realise that Thursday Plantation did Lavender too :) I usually miss that aisle unless I need Eucalyptus. It’s brilliant for our cleaning and for sinuses, and you don’t need much – lasts for ages :)

  12. Sally Amos says

    Unfair to try and choose just one – they all are so soothing and healing but in different ways (may or may not have a collection of these at home). Love them individually. Together, they make me feel invincible!

  13. Jennifer Gray says

    I cannot decide between lavender and eucalyptus oil. Memories of sunshine on your face and the smell nature and the sound of the breeze in the trees.

  14. Alison Roberts says

    That’s a tough choice but I seem to use tea tree the most. It is a natural antiseptic so I use it for cleaning, bites, in the diffuser. I also use it to clear my skin and in our hair to prevent lice! It’s a great multi tasker oil.

  15. Karen Edwards says

    We all love lavender here every nights my kiddies will come and ask for my smelly stuff (lavender oil) haha on a tissue to help them drift off to sleep

  16. Kate says

    LAVENDER! My kids LOVE it my 4yr old son says “it’s the best smell in the world” we use it for calming, sleeping, itching, and in our diffuser ???

    • Kate says

      Those question marks were love hearts but somehow they were changed! Here’s a few hearts for lavender <3 <3 <3 :)

  17. Jenna says

    Eucalyptus Oil!! For so many reasons! It smells amazing. It is also reminiscent of my childhood. It just screams AUSSIE! It is so versatile. I use it daily. I use it to clean my bathroom, to remove sticky marks and also in my laundry. It is especially useful to sanitize my cloth nappies. I am a zoologist and I have a passion for our environment. Using natural products is so important to me and eucalyptus oil is my favourite as are my koala pals : D

  18. Gwen says

    With 2 littlies at school and the horrid nits, I reach for the essential oils Lots!! I like to spray their hair and the inside of their hats with Tea Tree and Lavender spray, to keep those nasties away!

  19. Mel Bayliss says

    My favourite essential oil is Patchouli. The earthy, woody scent calms and soothes me in this crazy, hectic world. I put it in the washing machine too to give our clothes a subtle fragrance.

  20. Matina says

    I love Tea tree oil, I use it for pimples, bites, cleaning 😉 I think I will have to buy lavender oil now after reading all the amazing things you guys use it for ….

  21. Christine says

    L is for lavender, my favourite oil
    A All-powerful,
    V a veritable cure-all
    E Eliminating germs in the blink of an eye
    N There is Nothing it can’t do
    D Destressing, for my family and I
    E Everything it is useful for
    R a Requisite for evermore

  22. Hamir says

    Eucalyptus oil is my favourite. My son complains about blocked nose & congestion very frequently during winters. So I add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil to a pot of steaming water and let him breathe in the steam & feels so much relief.

  23. Cath says

    Lavender oil. My grandmother used it, my mum uses it, and I use it. Mainly to create a calm relaxing environment at home to wind down for the day. I use it at bathtime and bedtime for my children’s nighttime routine. It’s our family tradition and it works wonders.

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