Sea Glass Colour Rarity

When we lived in New Zealand last year, the kids and I spent hours scouring the shore for sea glass. The kids loved the adventure of it! We became interested in the different coloured glass, and where it might have come from. Below is a little story behind one of the pieces we found.

Looking for Sea glass

Blue sea glass

If you’re wondering about the rarity of different colours of sea glass, this chart is really helpful. I can’t find the source for this image, but I’m still trying to track it down so I can get more information. 

Genuine Sea glass chart

How long does it take to form sea glass?

Up to decades. So that’s pretty cool to think about. More interesting info about the process here.  Sea glass is sometimes called mermaid tears. There could be an entire story made-up about that!

Below are some of the sea glass colours we have found so far. Lots of different colours!

Sea Glass colours

Collecting sea glass is a lovely family activity, and it’s generated a lot of conversation and learning for us. Love that.


Beach Treasures

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  1. Jen says

    We love to collect sea glass too. I am most fascinated by the tiny shards of pottery we sometimes find.
    We plan to eventually embed them in concrete to make a paver for the garden

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