Plastic Golf Ball Necklaces

My oldest two girls are at an age where they love to wear their own jewellery. Unfortunately, for my three-year-old, the beads can still be a bit tricky to thread onto the plastic piping string. As I was scanning through the craft supplies at my local discount shop, I came across these plastic golf balls and thought these were the perfect solution for little fingers.

We made these necklaces as a fun morning activity on holidays. You can put as many golf balls as you like on your necklace, but we chose to use three which allowed the three of us to have a necklace each.

plastic golf ball necklaces

This Necklace Craft is great for

  • Imaginary Play
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • School Holiday Craft
  • Mother’s Day Gift
  • Just for fun


  • 1 Packet of plastic golf balls (found in the toy/sport section of your local discount store.)
  • 1 Packet of plastic beads
  • 1 Packet of plastic piping for string
  • Scissors
plastic golf ball necklace materials


  1. Grab you piece of plastic piping string and thread the first golf ball in the middle. 

golf ball necklace

2. Start threading the beads onto your necklace on either side of the middle golf ball. Get the kids to be creative with their design and choice colour. We chose to do a pattern or two or three colours between each golf ball.

golf ball necklace craft

plastic golf ball necklace craft

golf ball necklace craft

3. Once all the beads have been threaded, tie a knot at beside each of the ending beads to keep the beads and golf balls in place.

golf ball necklace craft

4. Tie the loose ends into a bow, and you have a plastic golf ball necklace.

golf ball necklace finished

The girls can make a few necklaces with the supplies. These are our designs.

plastic golf ball necklace craft

The girls love wearing their new necklaces and I’m sure we will be making more for Mother’s Day gifts for their grandmas.

plastic golf ball necklace craft

 golf ball necklace craft
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