Kid-Led Stop Motion Activity

Our kids are growing up in a world of technology. This means challenges for parents for sure, but there are so many cool things about technology too. Our family loves stop motion, and my children find creating their own movies engaging and fun; I like adding that mix of creativity and planning to technology play.  Below is an example of a parent led movie and one my son did (he is 8) with absolutely no input from me. And what I mean by that, I was not even in the same room when he was doing the creating, and I didn’t even tell him how to do it, it’s totally led, worked out and done by him (using a stop motion app) and he was so proud of the result!

For more detailed instructions on how to do stop motion, check out these posts below:

Lego Stop Motion Animation 

Powerpoint Animation

Find the printable sheets to make the shuttle and rocket props below

Rocket & Shuttle Templates

Parent Led – Shuttle 

Kid Led – Shuttle

Parent Led – Rocket

Kid Led – Rocket

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