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This year, I started making lunches for the husband. I haven’t made lunches for my husband before so it’s a new thing for me. In the past, depending on where he was working, often lunch has been provided for him. It’s easy since I’m already making lunches for the kids, and I just adapt them slightly (usually with dinner leftovers) for an adult with access to a microwave and fridge.

I find myself enjoying looking after him in this way, and he has expressed how much he enjoys it too. He said the other day, “It’s like a surprise every day.” 

I needed a different kind of lunch box than I use for the children. The brand of lunch I purchased is called a Fuel Bento Lunch Box. I found it at a Home store, but I know a lot of places that sell them online in Australia too.  

There’s the outer lunch box then two containers on the inside that you can lift out. So after dinner each night, I set aside a little food for the husband’s lunch the next day in the larger container, pop the lid on and it goes into the fridge over night. Then in the morning, I place the container directly into the box, put the other 3-sectioned container in and fill the rest in the morning and it’s done! The inside containers are microwave and dishwasher safe which is handy too. So at lunch time, if the food needs to be heated up, my husband can just remove the container from the lunch box and put it directly into the microwave.

NOTE: This lunch box has worked well so far, however it’s not watertight, so it really does need to be carried upright. Or put it in an insulated container.  One day my husband put it in his bag, and it leaked everywhere which is annoying. He just carries it in now. 

Fuel Bento Lunch Box

Below is a snapshot of some of the lunches I make, and I’ve included links to recipes if I used them.

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Roast Chicken Salad – Yoghurt and Strawberries – Muesli Slice – Stuffed Mini Peppers

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Apricot Chicken Curry – Salad – Kiwi Fruit – Coconut Bread

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Roast Beef & Salad – Bread Sticks – Nuts & Dates – Sundried Tomato & Olives

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Flat Bread – Mince – Coleslaw, Tomato & Mushroom – Stuffed Mini Peppers – Apricot Delight (I sometimes make Apricot Balls)

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Chicken Korma – Yoghurt & Honey – Kiwi Fruit – Granola 

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Beef Chow Mein – Lamington – Kiwi Fruit – Cashews & Sultanas 

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Cannelloni – Salad – Nectarine – Lemon Bliss Balls

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Chicken Burger – Strawberries – Madera Cake – Olives

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Chicken & Leek Pie – Salad – Peach Slices – Honey Cashews – Chocolate Pudding

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Spaghetti & Sausages  – Hot Cross Bun – Sundried Tomato & Olives – Cashews and Dried Fruit

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Spaghetti Bolognese (budget recipe) – Salad – Apple – Olives

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Salad – Flat Bread – Apple & Yoghurt – Sundried Tomato & Olives – Macadamia & Muesli Mix

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Beef Stroganoff & Veges – Peas & Hummus – Lemon Bliss Balls – Berry Mix

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Chicken Coconut Curry & Veges – Kiwi Fruit – Lemon Bliss Balls – Milky Way

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Steak – Beetroot & Corn Salad – Strawberries – Sesame Slice 

Adult Lunch Box Ideas

Butter Chicken – Peach Slices & Yoghurt – Lemon Bliss Balls – Sundried Tomato & Olives

adult lunch box ideas

Roast Chicken & Salad – Apricot & Custard – Carrot Cake


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    These look amazing! Such an easy way to look after your family, without too much added cost or time!

    Really love the cheeky Milky way bar as well – I bet that was a great surprise!

    Love the blog by the way – I’ll definitely be checking back!

    Nic XX

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