Design Your Own Treasure Map

Treasure Map for Kids

Treasure Map Printable from Tim Vandevall

This is a quick and fun activity. It can be used for parties, games, just for fun and much more. Print the page and decorate it with whatever you want; it can be displayed as a invitation or a map. I think adding features like sea dragons, north, south, east and west and pirate ships are nice features. The rugged burnt edges and the old tattered affect on the page completes this really fun, pirate  treasure map.

The base printable is available from Tim Vandevall here.

Treasure Map Printable for Kids

Treasure Map Printable for Kids


  • Fun activity
  • Birthday party invitation
  • Custom treasure hunt
  • Surprise the kids on a mini road trip and draw a rough trail map of where you’re going and clues to look for on the way.


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