Gravity Defying Cake (with Skittles & Maltesers)


I have recently been watching MyCupcakeAddiction on YouTube. I love the ideas and creativity shown on this channel. I also love baking, and for my 12th birthday, I wanted something that was fun and imaginative. I came across gravity defying cakes, where the special effect makes the lolly packets look like they are in mid air while pouring a stream of delicious candy and chocolate on to the cake. This style of cake is so easy to achieve, and the outcome is extremely effective.


  • Cake base
  • Chocolate icing
  • Lollies/Chocolate (M&M’s, Malters & Skittles work well)
  • Pocky (biscuit stick available from asian grocer) or Balloon Stick (available from party stores)
  • Kitkats
  • Melted chocolate
  • Cotton wool balls


Any base of cake is fine, completely up to you. Choose two types of lollies or chocolate of your choice, and remember to keep the packets so you can complete the effect. Tip: when you cut the packet open, only snip one corner.  The object that supports the flow of yummy goods is a Pocky or a ballon stick. I chose Pocky because I wanted everything to edible.

pocky biscuit

Decorating Method

  1. Put your cake on the board you want to serve it on because the goodies that trickle down to the bottom will be stuck on with icing.
  2. Next you coat the cake in a mouth-watering blanket of icing.
  3. Trim the Kitkats to size, and add them around the rim, leaving a gap at the front where your candy will ooze down. 
  4. Then push the Pocky or ballon sticks into the cake on each half, slightly tilting.
  5. Using your chosen lollies or chocolate, cover the top of the cake. Use one type on one side and another type on the other.
  6. Covering the Pocky stick can be a tiny bit tricky. Use melted chocolate to attach the candy to the base of the pocky/ballon stick before making your way upwards. Make sure it’s a little wider at the base.
  7. The last thing is attaching the lolly bag to the top of the stick. To make the packet look full, stuff it with cotton balls. Then position your cotton filled bag on your stream of chocolate and lollies.

Thats it! I love the idea of theses gravity defying cakes.

Below is the MyCupcakeAddiction tutorial I used for my inspiration.

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