5 Ways to Tell Your Kids You Love Them on Valentine’s Day

I tell my kids I love them every day, so this post may come off as a little cheesy because Valentine’s Day is often celebrated with your significant other. But I think Valentine’s Day provides an opportunity to talk about love and can provide a great theme to base the day’s activities around. This year Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday, which means the kids will be home from school and you can plan some fun heart themed activities for the family to enjoy.

Here are 5 ways to tell your kids you love them on Valentine’s Day.

1. Heart Pancakes

Get up and make heart shaped pancakes. Simply make your batter, and pour the batter into a squeeze bottle. Use the squeeze bottle to draw the heart shape in the pan and fill it in with the rest of the mixture to make heart shaped pancakes.

heart shaped pancakes for valentine's day

2. What I Love About You

Spend some quiet moments cuddling your children and telling them the different things you love about them. I don’t know if we do this often enough as parents, and I think Valentine’s Day is a great way to speak heart felt truths to your kids. 

valentine's day cuddles with kids

3. Heart Fruit

Make Heart Shaped Fruit Wands for morning tea using watermelon and strawberries. A Few Short Cuts shares how to make fruit wands. Kelly also shares how to cut strawberries into a heart shape here.

Valentine Fruit Wands

4. Theme Day

On the topic of fruit, why not make Valentine’s Day a day to eat red fruit and veggies only? Super Healthy Kids came up with the concept of ‘red snack day’, using a muffin tray to hold each different food item. Some fruit ideas could be strawberries, raspberries, cherries, watermelon, cranberries, red apples, red grapes, cherry tomatoes and red goji berries. For vegetables you might consider capsicum, radishes and peppers. 

Valentines Red Snack Day

5. Scavenger Heart Hunt

Make a scavenger heart hunt and display cut out hearts all around the house. The eyes of a boy came up with this clever game that encourages children to use their sensory skills to find the hearts. If you use different coloured paper for the hearts, you can encourage the little kids to say the colours as they find each heart. For older kids, you might like to write a note on each heart.

Heart Scavenger Hunt

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