Sushi Sandwiches – Lunch Box Idea

Sushi sandwiches are easy for kids to eat and they are a little more novel than your regular sandwich.

What you need

Sliced Bread

Fillings of choice

Food Picks or Tooth picks (I mainly use food picks)

lunch box ideas - sushi sandwiches

  1. Cut the crust of bread.
  2. Roll bread lightly to flatten slightly. This will give a little more length to roll.
  3. Spread with choice of toppings. Keep it simple so it’s easy to roll up. Ham and mayo is a favourite with my kids. Other combination ideas: vegemite & lettuce, vegemite & thinly cut cheese, jam & cream cheese, ham & hummus, butter & cucumber, grated carrot & hummus.
  4. Roll up and secure with toothpick, food picks or wrap securely to hold in place.

Lunch box idea - sushi sandwiches

Lunch box idea - sushi sandwiches

Lunch box idea - sushi sandwiches


Lunch Box Ideas

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