Routine Cards – Morning and Afternoon

Routine Cards - morning and afternoon

When it comes to starting school again for a new year, I like to establish routine systems for my children in the morning and afternoon. The advantage of doing this is making getting ready habitual so the children can take in all the wonderful things they will learn at school, plus it helps with the harmony of the family.

Picture prompts work well, and sometimes we need to swap around the routine with what works for the children.  I asked Liss to design cards that can be used in various ways. My children don’t do all these items, I included a list of possible tasks to mix and match in case anyone would find it useful too. Click the image below for the PDF file or click here: Routine Cards Printable.  
School Routine Card


Routine Cards

Below are the tasks I included in the printable.


  • Wake up
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Dishes Away
  • Brush Teeth
  • Wash Face
  • Get Dressed
  • PJs away
  • Do Hair
  • Make Bed
  • Make Lunch
  • Shoes & Socks On
  • Free Time
  • Pack Bag: hat, homework, drink, lunch box
  • Time to Go
  • Blank Card


  • Hello!
  • Bag away
  • Lunch Box Out
  • Play Clothes
  • Snack
  • Homework
  • Free Time
  • Set the Table
  • Dishes Away
  • Help Someone
  • Bath time
  • Dinner
  • Tidy Room
  • Brush Teeth
  • PJs
  • Read
  • Goodnight!
  • Blank Cards


Create magnets for the fridge. This makes it easy to switch things around. My younger kids only need image prompts to follow each day for about a month before it becomes routine, and my nephew prefers to put cards into a small container once each task is done.  You can find small baskets from Officeworks, or I found this one to keep my spare cards in from Howards Storage World.


  1. Print template out of light card or photo paper
  2. Put a section of magnetic tape on the back of the cards
  3. Place on the fridge

School Routine Card - morning and afternoon

School Routine Card - morning and afternoon

Amanda from Simple Home Cook printed these (including using the spares) for her kids.

School Routine Card - morning and afternoon

I did this too, and put them on the side of the fridge.


Mini Ring Book

Make a mini book for kids to flick through. 


  • Photo Paper or light card
  • Key ring
  • Clear Contact or laminator
  • Single hole punch
  • Glue
  1. Print the cards, and glue the strip backing on each card to be used. 
  2. Contact or laminate the cards.
  3. Punch a hole in each card corner.
  4. Thread on to a ring and you have a mini flip book.

School Routine Card - morning and afternoon

School Routine Card - morning and afternoon

School Routine Card - morning and afternoon


Stick the card prompts on to a piece of paper or poster and hang on the fridge or in the bedroom. 


  • Photo Paper or light card
  • Glue

School Routine Card - morning and afternoon


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  1. Belinda says

    Kelly, these are awesome – you take a simple concept and make it fun and practical!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Kirsty says

    Thanks so much for sharing! My first starts school this week, so I was searching how best to get organised… this looks to be it!

  3. Susan says

    Thanks it’s great my daughter not at school yet but this is brilliant help for me to start early n get a fun routine going.

  4. Firefighters Mama says

    Terrific schedule cards, thank you so much! Please share which application you used to make the fun coloured cards.

  5. Marina says


    They look awesome on my screen but when I try to print them the letters are all squeezed together and it is impossible to read them. The images do not seem to be changed.

    Would you know what is the problem?

    I tried printing in two different printers and I am using A4 paper.


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