Lunch Box Inspiration Ideas

I’ve been making lunch boxes for years and years! This week, I did a big batch of baking that should last me about 3 weeks into the school term. I freeze it all in containers and then just take out what I need of a morning, add fresh fruit/vegetables/protein into the lunch box and it’s good to go. If you want to know more about my lunch box system, you can find it here or a big list of 100 lunch box ideas here.

Batch cooking of lunch box food

What I made in this batch:

I had a look back at some of my posts on lunch boxes and am including all the images I could find in this post (for my own inspiration) as I head into a fresh new year. 

lunch box ideas

lunch box ideas

lunch box ideas

lunch box ideas

lunch box ideas

lunch box ideas

lunch box ideas

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Lunch Box Ideas

100 Lunch Box Ideas Printable

Lunch Box Food Ideas - Printable!


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    • says

      Hi Jess

      I find all of these freeze/defrost well. I think it can depend how you package them too. For example, if you put them in a plastic bag, I can imaging they might get a bit soggy. I put them straight in the lunch box with no packaging and it tends to work well. Hope that helps.

  1. Kimberley says

    Could you please tell me what round container you use for the yoghurts pictured in your lunch box? Are you happy with them? I’m finding it difficult to find a container which is small enough to fit in the bentobox.

    • says

      The round ones only just fit in my bentology lunch boxes. They are tupperware ones. I think it’s best to have a look at the brand your lunch box is because usually they have liquid tight containers that fit them. It’s tricky isn’t’ it! I also use the small rectangle containers that go in the bentology lunch boxes so they fit well. Hope that helps.

  2. Sonia says

    Hi my sins lunch box looks ten times better today thank you half wholemeal sandwich container carrots. Container grapes. Cheese stick. Drink Ice block thank you for the ideas soo much better to have the formula to follow each day makes it easy thanks again

  3. Rachel says

    Hi Kelly,

    Wow – what an inspirational list of lunch ideas! Thank you! Just wondering whether you make your own yoghurt or buy store bought yoghurt and transfer it to a container?

    Many thanks,

    • says

      Hi Rachel. I am yet to try and make my own yoghurt, but I’ve heard the thermomix version works wonderfully so I’m going to give that a go soon. At the moment, I buy large tubs and spoon it into containers.

      • Rachel says

        Thanks Kelly – I haven’t tried it either – but I do have a thermomix – so one of these days I’ll give yoghurt a try!
        Thanks again,

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