Funny Characters Drawing Game

I ended up in emergency with one of my kids recently. It wasn’t an emergency-emergency, but after visiting the GP with a health concern, she felt it was important to have further investigation done by a specialist that day, so asked me to head to the hospital. After waiting almost 5 hours, we saw the doctor and could come home. Everything was fine in the end, but those long waiting times with kids can be challenging. I had 2 of my kids with me to keep entertained. 

Fortunately, I had my handbag fun pack with me (you can find some of the items I put in it here: Fun things to put in your handbag).

Fun things to put in your handbag for kids

I would of happily resorted to screens in this situation but I only had my phone on me, and the battery was low, and I needed to stay contactable. SO, the children and I did all kinds of things…went for walks, talked, played games and raided the nearby chemist for snacks. One of the games we played the kids LOVED and it kept them engaged for a long time. It’s a game I used to play as a child and all you need are pens and paper. Do you remember playing it?

Funny Character Drawing Game

1. Someone draws the head (no one else can peek!) and then folds the paper over at the neck. It’s important here that the base of the neck is visible when folded over so the next person knows where to start.

2. Someone draws the body (no one else can peek!) and then folds the paper over at the base where it finishes so the next person knows where to start.

3. Someone draws the body (no peeking!) and the open it out to see the character!

This game could be extended into writing or making up a story about the created character. So easy and fun. Great for travel too. These are a few of the many characters we created together while waiting at the hospital.

Funny Character Drawing Game

simple fun for kids - drawing game

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