It never gets old

My son plonked himself beside me tonight. 

“I love you mum,” he said.

It never gets old: hearing those words spontaneously from my children.

“Why do you love me?” I asked him on a whim. 

He put a finger to his mouth, and it was as if I could see his mind ticking over, pondering the question.

“I just love you,” he paused and then added, “You’re a kind mum and you make good decisions.”

I’m not always kind. I’m a tired and cranky mum sometimes. I don’t always make good decisions. I often have to confront my motivations.

But I treasure the words from my son, and I will endeavour to live up to what he sees in me during this phase. To be kind and make good decisions. Yes. 

They make you strive and grow, don’t they?

I Love You - hearing those words never get old

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