Fun things to put in your handbag

Fun things for your handbag - great for those waiting times, camping and road trips

Depending on what stage our family life is at, I have small toys, dedicated for the handbag for times when we are out and about. An example: for the younger kids when we are watching older kids play sport, or just general waiting times. The idea is the toys are ONLY out for those special times. They could be in a zip lock bag, a pencil case or a little container or tin. I love how the kids make up many games wherever we are using the small toys as inspiration. I also do packs like this sometimes when we go camping, go on holidays or road trips. Below is a collection of ideas, and if you have any to add to the list, let me know!


I’ve used many things as storage for small items over the years, including:

Fun Items

Putting it together

A small pencil case fits a lot of things inside, and it’s easy to pop it into a handbag.

Fun things to put in your handbag

Coloured Blu-tack is great for moulding. I keep it in a mini zip lock bag.

A fun idea for the handbag - keep blu tack in a mini zip lock bag for molding on the go

A few pieces of blank paper and stamps.

Handbag activity - stamps

A little tin with little toys. Keep them especially for out and about play. You can get little tins like this from gift/discount stores.

un things to put in your handbag

A stencil ruler is awesome. Pair with a small note pad and mini pens.

un things to put in your handbag - stencil kit

Matchbox car and printable play mat (print here).

un things to put in your handbag - match box car and play mat

Plane/Spaceship and a solar system printable (I just googled an image).

un things to put in your handbag - match box car and play mat - space

This is a little more unusual but it’s really quite easy. A small cheap doll, a pack of play dough and kids can create outfits.

Fun things to put in your handbag - doll and play dough

Mix and match. The pictured container is a Sistema 175 ml container.

Fun handbag activities

My kids love punching out shapes in paper or leaves. Good idea to have a zip lock bag or mini container for the mini shapes.

Fun ideas for the handbag


Handbag activity ideas - stickers & a notepad

Eclipse mints tins are useful.

Fun things to keep in your handbag - Lego Mini Figs

Do you have any other items that are a winner for the handbag?


Fun ideas for kids while they are waiting

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