Lego Mini-Figures – display and storage solution

How to make a Lego Mini-Fig Display Board

Like it? You can make it in just 30 minutes! Here’s how…

Step 1: Gather your materials.

You will need:

  • A piece of timber. I used a cupboard door from IKEA.
  • Super Glue.
  • White Lego bricks. You can order packs of ‘white only bricks’ on eBay.
  • Lego mini figures.

DIY LEGO Mini-Fig Board

Step 2: Mark out where you would like your Lego bricks to sit.

Use a ruler to ensure they are evenly spaced.

DIY LEGO Mini-Fig Board

Step 3: Super glue the Lego bricks onto the timber.

Super glue dries quickly so you will need to place them accurately.

DIY LEGO Mini-Fig Board

DIY LEGO Mini-Fig Board

Step 4: Arrange your mini-figurines

Once the super glue has dried, arrange your mini-figures.

DIY LEGO Mini-Fig Board

Step 5: Mount and display!

Looks amazing as a bedroom features, and it doubles as a place for the kids to store their mini-figurines. The kids can take the ones they want to play with off whenever they want.

DIY LEGO Mini-Fig Board

Quick Video Tutorial 

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